R. Kelly accuser Lisa Van Allen's ties to real cult Nuwaupian baby daddy Damon Pryor aka Doosua York

Just when you thought this case against R. Kelly couldn't get any weirder, the plot thickens. Unfortunately if Lifetime had taken a little time to really check into the characters they presented before the general public in this scam of a production, more interesting facts are revealing their star actress, Lisa Van Allen.

Lisa Van Allen likes to leave out significant details when discussing her experience with R. Kelly. Details like one of her baby daddy's appears in music videos with R. Kelly. According to Van Allen, she met R. Kelly on the set of his music video for "Home Alone". She leaves out Damon Pryor was also on the set, so it wouldn't be far fetched to think considering how unreliable she is that she really could've met Damon Pryor first. She wants the public to believe she was 17 at the time when in fact she was really 18 as the video took place in 1998.
Damon Pryor also appeared in the "Be Careful" video with Sparkle in 1998.
Sparkle and R. Kelly eventually fell out and like others was used to create the false narrative that it was her niece in the sex tape.

According to articles from the first trial, Damon Pryor was supposed to be a surprise witness to discredit Van Allen; however, his testimony was not really needed after the defense for Kelly made his case in showing her true character.

Van Allen, like all others, is a woman scorned. She used a position, enjoyed the lifestyle that came along, and took part in an extortion scheme.

This wasn't the first case in which Pryor was listed as a surprise witness. In 2002 he was also deeply involved in a case against an accuse cult leader.

It would appear to some the real reason the defense decided against calling Pryor to the stand was because he would've been an even worse witness that would do more damage than good. Apparently Pryor was engaging with a cult led by convicted child molester Dr. Malachi York that calls themselves Nuwaupians. Pryor has been accused of falsifying documents to present himself as the son of York and changed his name to Doosua York.

Pryor gave a deposition in the case against York in which York was sentenced to 123 years for not only child molestation but also a RICO charge. 

Pryor would like the general public to continue following this cult considering he and others have tried to cover up the fact that the leader was convicted of child molestation among other charges and is allegedly still recruiting for the cult.

Family member all refute the statements Van Allen made stating the girl in question had smaller breast and she was also on tour in between the US and Europe, in which the group members shared a room. 

Mere observation led me to believe Damon Pryor is one of the individuals in the alleged R. Kelly sex tape; however, he was not the only one.

Considering in the current case against Kelly, accusers attorney Michael Avenatti broke the law by showing this new tape to CNN anchors and discussing it for the news.
R. Kelly may have had sex tapes like many men do; however, I believe any woman involved was an adult. It's clear there is a lot of deception when it comes to this alleged tape. At this point, any such tape should be inadmissible.