Infamous R. Kelly Trial Exposes Critical Flaws in the Judicial System

A recent letter to the Department Of Justice and motion submitted by Mr. Kelly's defense outlines illegal and unauthorized access to information leading to federal witness tampering and leaked emails lead by a federal employee.

Exhibit A: Defense Motion for Production of Investigation.

The R. Kelly Trial has been riddled with heinous breaches of foundational judicial principles and biased media coverage, according to the R&B King's legal counsel, The Bonjean Law Group.
In a motion requesting the production of the concealed investigation into the matter, as well as letters to Department of Justice Inspector General, Bonjean describes these judicial failures that drastically affected the singer's case ignored by the sitting judge. Mr. Kelly expressed his concerns over privacy leaks, in which Judge Ann Donnelly decided to ignore and proceeded with the trial, never giving Mr. Kelly the opportunity to be fully informed about his then ineffective counsel. Since the trial, Mr. Kelly has spoken out against what he describes as a miscarriage of justice and blatant corruption of his cases.

This information was subsequently leaked to Youtube blogger Tasha K, who then broadcasted partial illegally obtained information, while privately passing information to prosecutors star New York witness. Thats just the icing on the cake considering this same BOP officer accessed private information on 153 occassions as well as 60+ other officers accessing information with no known purpose or use for it.
Throughout this whole ordeal, the most crucial point in highlighting the federal interference caused by Youtube blogger Tasha K is the fact she closely worked with many of these bad act witnesses for youtube content and behind the scenes influencing other witnesses involved in the case, which some can say appeared to be intimidation and coercion. These actions among others undoubtedly played a negative role in the R. Kelly Trial and considering one of the first things done by Bonjean was a separation of the entire defense team, it should also be blatantly obvious ineffective counsel also played a role as well. 
"In America, you should be innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, for some, its guilty until proven innocent," said a spokesperson. Prosecutors were allowed to take embellished stories, abuse the use of immunity deals that enabled alleged criminals to continue to roam the streets, and present a circumstantial case already tried in the court of public opinion with the overkill of slanderous and biased media coverage.

Considering many can't distinguish the corruption in both the New York Trial and Chicago, it's also worth mentioning the coercion and incentive being offered to the star witnesses including the alleged infamous girl from the tape in Mr. Kelly's 2008 Trial, who had a $14 million dollar motive to change previous testimony requiring an immunity deal. Kind of strange for a VICTIM to need IMMUNITY... yet the media would rather run with the lie that Mr. Kelly obstructed justice than to shine light on the obvious shakedown and extortion of the singer.

This notice is being provided to the general public to extend opportunities in spreading awareness to the FBI, DOJ and BOP corruption that not only affected Mr. Kelly but possibly many other inmates who never had a fighting chance with a proper legal defense.