Witnesses don't want to testify��

R. Kelly Associate Sentenced To 8 Years


Michael Williams pleaded guilty to an arson charge after setting Azriel Clary's car on fire.

The media won't tell you this man, who clearly does not know R. Kelly, had his own motives in acting on his own behalf, yet the government would like you to believe this type of behavior was carried out to silence alleged victims of the singer.

Who is Michael Williams??

Can you believe a book sparked so much chaos...

Many of the individuals involved in this federal investigation against R. Kelly took to social media to carry out so much in plain sight... The same woman who wrote the book, 'Sex Me', involved herself deeply with those making public accusations to the point that her cousin involved himself in a conflict with The Clary's. As a result, this pattern of behavior is being used to give this illusion Kelly is behind the shenanigans. Does that make it true? Is this really the purpose of a RICO enterprise for a group of random people to be a person's downfall. Accountability goes so far when people can act on their own accord and point the finger at the next.

Source close to R. Kelly plants SNITCH stories to incite attacks


Just when you thought things couldn't get any more weird, sources couldn't show up to testify for R. Kelly but as usual they have plenty of time to "leak" information to the press. According to a source, Kelly who was recently convicted of running an alleged criminal enterprise, plans to snitch on other entertainers for a reduced sentence. Quick question... if you were going to snitch as they said... why would you have refused to take a plea deal when offered a mere 3 year deal without having to "snitch"... Better yet why would you snitch when as you have witnessed in Cosby's case... the tactics used to guarantee these temporary convictions will eventually be overturned thanks to Me Too. Those following the R. Kelly case have witnessed quite a few INFORMANTS, nonetheless...

 Feeding into a one-sided narrative and overlooking the obvious corruption surrounding this case will only continue to make the corporations flourish at the midst of cultural damage among other things. Believe it or not... the industry has been infiltrated by informants for a long time.. Question Everything!!

Why the Industry can not Mute R. Kelly

 We the people have entertained the notion long enough. The hypocrisy surrounding the sham of an outcry is enough to make you cringe at the thought of the entertainment industry as a whole. Think about it.... how can you realistically Mute R. Kelly as the program dictates without having that same morality conflict when listening to so many mainstream artists.. From Celine Dion to Ron Isley himself... none of you have the power to mute R. Kelly. Now deprive him of his God given rights to earn a living to support himself and other responsibilities is another subject. Watch this video... and don't be shy... Make It Make Sense.

Minister who officiated R. Kelly & Aaliyah alleged marriage


The minster who officiated at R Kelly and Aaliyah's illegal wedding has spoken out about the illegal union between the two. Nathan Edmond, a 73-year-old minister in Chicago, spoke about the 1994 ceremony at the trail of Kelly in New York. Prosecutors fail to prove Robert Kelly had knowledge of any alleged bribery or produce the county clerk who accepted invalid documents to approve a marriage. #pressplay

FRAUD R. Kelly accuser on singer's trial for allegedly running a "criminal enterprise"

Singer R. Kelly's trial on federal racketeering charges began today in Brooklyn with jury selection and as usual the media propaganda is at an all time high. Asante Carson McGee allegedly lived with the singer in 2016 and alleges she and other women there experienced severe abuse. Here's the things the media won't show you...

Carson has a very lengthy background of fraud and stalking, and even a discharge from the services.
She also has ample motive to embellish a whole story to cover up the biggest scam in plain sight.


Despite taking on the role of a victim, Carson had a very active come up being within Kelly's entourage. 

No one ever questions the character of these people making allegations nor their roles in the fabricated stories they tell.

It is believed Carson contacted these parents and family of the singer's last girlfriends but didn't contact authorities, then proceeded to help them plant ongoing narratives using social media, blogs and the media. 

It is also believed Carson was a mere employee; therefore, if there was validity in her claims she has only implicated herself in alleged crimes, yet as a "victim" gets to be given immunity from the same public scrutiny as R. Kelly.

Seems like it is Asante McGee Carson who needs to take the lie detector..


R. Kelly & Diddy: Hypocrisy in the Black Community


R. Kelly has been awaiting trial for over two years accused of federal sexual abuse charges—including the sexual abuse, trafficking, production of child pornography and use of tactics like kidnapping, blackmail and extortion to keep women and girls in his grip—to which he has pleaded not guilty

For some strange reason some people are willing to allow their children to be groomed for the industry, on that note the lifestyles they live can not be judged by normal standards when this is openly allowed. 

Children have been exploited for profit for so long, you have to stop and question the motives when you see propaganda being heavily used. Isn't it odd R. Kelly has been labeled a predator when its obvious each person making these claims desperately sought him out. 

Not to mention blatant deceptions, such as having fake IDs to align themselves with his entourage, only indicates the possibility the NDAs they speak of applied to his crew as well, which would give them grounds to take civil actions. The problem is when clout chasing and extortion goes wrong, these celebrities find themselves being an open target.

What's interesting is how all the stories publicized by mainstream media, few have raised the questions on most peoples mind. It's no secret how artists are often pinned against one another through the media. Would it be far fetched to compare the recent conversations of the new King of R&B with how the industry has allowed feminist terrorists to try to silence a legend, while provoking these topics for the public.

It would be naive to listen to the narratives about R. Kelly and not recognize the biggest flaws in things being said is that it could apply to any artist. 

What happens when the allegations made on social media are exposed as lies in a real court proceeding? What happens when you realize the media is deliberately misleading you and covering up other crimes.

Why is the black community always quick to bash their own people to further other people's agendas?

Stay tuned...

The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne calls for petty party in R. Kellys mentions Karma returned

 During Angela Yee's Rumor Report, when discussing these accusations Charlamagne said that we should just cancel R.Kelly - stop talking about him, stop reporting on him, and stop supporting him in concert. He then called for a "Petty Party" in his mentions and to drop the hashtag #PP14 in the comments on Twitter and Instagram.  

"Can we just drop R. Kelly from life? Why don't we collectively mute R. Kelly," Charlamagne asked during this morning's broadcast. "Everyone unfollow R. Kelly, why do we have to have R. Kelly in our collective consciousness," he continued. 

"We're having a 'Petty Party' in R. Kelly's mentions. Go hashtag #PP14. Don't ask me why, you should know," Charlamange said on Breakfast Club's Instagram.  The hypocritical views these characters spout out on their platforms is hilarious considering their pasts can equally be mentioned. Check out the video below:

Gang member who attacked R. Kelly in jail gets Life for MURDERS

A Latin Kings gang member who admitted to attacking singer R. Kelly in federal jail in Chicago has been sentenced to life in prison, for a drug racketeering conviction that included the murders of two businessmen in 1999.

Jeremiah Framer, 39, wrote in a handwritten filing to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, titled, "The Government Made me attack R. Kelly," claiming he was "forced" to beat the Grammy winning singer.
"Framer, with nowhere else to turn for legal help, was forced to assault Kelly in hopes of getting spotlight on the government corruption," Framer wrote..

He continued: "Due to the most blatant government corruption in Framer's case, and being on lock-down for a R. Kelly protest, I physically beat Kelly in an attempt to shed media spotlight on Framer's case to prove government corruption and helping Framer's innocence to prevail."
Strange we are in a society so many are willing to keep overlooking the corruption surrounding this whole situation and remain quiet knowing with all the allegations and media slander, its fortunate this news is the worse to be reported. Though R. Kelly has no criminal history, he is being portrayed as a severe threat to society as the result of a series of events believed to be purposely orchestrated to manufacture this federal case against the singer.


The Rated R Show Presents: The Big Talk Cancel Culture

 As we see, the rise in canceling artists has taken a new shift in the industry against the Me Too movement. Often the male dominated field gives little to the imagination when it comes to exploiting women. Imagine if these women who once we're willing participates, realize they can now profit in being a victim. The ultimate money grab. 

From targeting celebrities to be the next Love and Hip Hop cast member to being scorned things didn't work in their favor.

Imagine... All it takes is a book or magazine article to initiate a criminal investigation in today's era...

No police reports.. Just fabricated stories with one common goal.....

This is hypocrisy at it's finest. Majority of all celebrities are plagued by rumors and even some allegations, yet when did it become necessary to publicly convict people and rob them of their due process rights in the court of law?

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Tasha K EXPOSES Azriel Clary and R. Kelly's former crisis manager


Tasha K has been the driving force for many of the false narratives against R Kelly. It would appear she is seeing the light...

It is believed that Tasha is aware of her role spreading slanderous gossip. The question is, will she be called to testify about what she knows or will her devices be subpoenaed to see the communication between these scammers.

R Kelly loves his children

Guilty until proven innocent

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