R. Kelly "SUPERFAN" Christopher Deboski Gunn indicted after singers conviction

Individual-1, whose identity is known to me and who has known the defendant CHRISTOPHER GUNN for several years, has reviewed the Video and identified the Male Voice as GUNN. In addition, I have reviewed the Video and other publicly available social media video postings made by GUNN, and GUNN’s voice, as captured in other publicly available social media video postings, closely resembles the Male Voice captured in the Video. Additionally, the Video depicts a profile photograph of GUNN and the “DeBoSki Gunn” username, which GUNN has publicly identified as his own.
The youtube community has watched a strange and wicked personality unraveling very publicly online.

  As a person who may have seen his first few appearances on youtube, you may have been left with the impression his interest was as he presented in his talking points- the injustice of R. Kelly. Those that continued to watch his inconsistent and irrational behavior have a different perspective than mainstream media would like to present; however. 

Throughout the entire course of his so called pursuit of "justice",  Gunn consistently puts all energy in a delusion of mixing his personal internet trolling in with taunting the judicial process at hand. There is growing concern as to why the government has stood by watching this deranged individual all this time threatening so many yet takes this opportunity to bring forth charges as though the prosecutors in this case have been the only people being consistently targeted using these public platforms with malicious intent for his sick entertainment. Though Gunn would like some to believe all accusations outlined in his indictment are out of context... anyone with eyes can see the intent behind his actions that have spilled all over the "youtube streets".

Authorities announced charges against a man accused of threatening three women prosecutors who worked to convict singer R. Kelly. Christopher Gunn pointed out the building where the victims worked, according to the criminal complaint.
Gunn believes he is so clever in stating that what we saw displayed on his screen wasn't real considering as a FELON he shouldn't have a gun... yet even in the case it is fake... how much sense does it make to do all this in the name of pursuing justice for an individual you don't know.  Using outrageous rhetoric in order to garner views and fail to take responsibility for the games being played to this day with law enforcement.  Even on house arrest, Gunn sits and continues to cyberbully while tagging homeland security as though he isn't engaging in mutual exchanges with those he decides to harass. A quick view on youtube will give you quite the impression of his character when most of his day is spent trolling youtube and cyber bullying those who prefer not to engage with his mental instability. 
It didn't take long for me to realize the root to all the conflicts playing out on youtube surrounding this federal case revolved around those putting these personalities up to the things they carry out. An example, after Kelly was arrested, the media reported on the fanclub manager attempting to sue an accuser in the R. KELLY case...
At this point, anyone with common sense would have kept a safe distance from certain individuals,  yet the fact that we see these charges against Gunn.. I highly suggest others apply pressure to fully investigating just how deep this spider web of criminal conspirators goes with those who have been in contact with Gunn in the past 3 years...
 It is my belief even those who are real fans of R. KELLY found themselves entangled with frauds who have made it their mission to find relevancy making content using R. Kelly's name; nevermind the actions being carried out by the individuals was being used against Kelly in his New York trial.

Interestingly enough, those that follow individuals like Gunn failed to realize all their movements using these devices should be traced, thus as I noticed the fact these ppl were joining together for their own common interests, not only did I show my growing audience how these individuals were mixing in the federal witnesses and others in their attacks against myself, but this is probable cause to investigate ALL OF THEM.

“I want y’all to get real familiar with this building I’m about to pull up and show to you. …Imma show you exactly where we’re gonna be going. And we’re gonna get real familiar with this building, and this building is gonna get real familiar with the enterprise, also known as Kellz Steppers…. We know who is going to stick to everything that I told you, which is that if Kellz goes down, everybody’s going down,” he allegedly said in a video dated Oct. 4, 2021.

As federal authorities described it, Gunn “knowingly and intentionally transmitted in interstate and foreign commerce communications containing threats to injure the person of another, to wit, threats that would result in the death or seriously bodily injury” of the prosecutors. As you will find below, the fact authorities have siezed his devices, it may benefit them to fully investigate the movements and interactions made by this twisted individual for obvious reasons.

  Gunn has displayed too many times to count how unstable he is and he has a complete lack of regard for the law, thus one can't blame prosecutors for using the latest accusations against him as probable cause to fully investigate him and possible co-conspirators.
When it comes to the intent behind the words Gunn uses on his platform along with others... maybe this will serve as a reminder.. you can definitely say what you want... threats... murder for hire plots... cyber terrorism are all crimes.

Many have called out Gunn for his behaviors, many have made videos specifically about him.. in short, hiding behind janky blogs such as SCANDAL MEDIA should give others a clue as to why a real investigation is needed to unravel the criminal conspiracy believed to have played out via youtube prior to theR Kelly trial even occuring.

Stay tuned❤