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Federal judge in Brooklyn will allow anonymous jury if R. Kelly goes to trial

The R&B singer's lawyers say they're "shocked" by the judge's decision, noting that anonymous juries are usually only called for "in the most extreme circumstances."

Many have failed to recognize the severity of the things occurring that is directly affecting the ongoing trial against the singer. Granted it is obvious the overkill of propaganda that is clouding this case has so many emotional and out of touch with reality; however, certain things taking place makes it appear people acting on R Kelly's behalf are intentionally trying to keep the singer behind bars.
A federal judge in Brooklyn agreed Thursday to keep jurors anonymous and "partially sequestered".

U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly granted the request originally made by prosecutors back in July. Her decision was announced in a docket entry in Kelly's case, though the order itself appeared to be sealed. 
Kelly also faces federal charges in Chicago, but it appears likely he'll go to trial first on a racketeering indictment in Brooklyn. In July, prosecutors out east told the judge the evidence in their case could lead jurors to believe Kelly is "capable of inflicting violence."

They pointed to the anticipated media coverage of the trial, as well as allegations that Kelly obstructed justice in his 2008 trial in Cook County. Michael Leonard, Kelly's attorney, said the singer's legal team was "shocked" by the judge's decision. "We're really surprised that the judge would order such extreme measures for somebody like Kelly, who has no criminal history or knowledge of the individuals allegedly intimidating witnesses."

R Kelly is clearly being punished for the actions of career criminals and majority of the things they consider to be witness intimidation has been incited by people masquerading as his entourage and supporters.

If you have been harassed/ cyber bullied or slandered by the ring leader of his fanatical "Enterprise" clan, you can report his actions to local police and/or detective Mitchem in Bolingbrook, Chicago. He does not represent anyone except his own demonic behaviors.

Stay tuned.....

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