Where is R Kelly's money part 1

R. Kelly says others stole from his bank account

It becomes very clear how people around him can be manipulated and envious of R Kelly when you have characters intentionally setting him up, such as disgruntled parents and/or former employees.

Just like with the first trial, with all the extensive media coverage and slanderous blogging, it poses challenges with the defense and the hopes of R Kelly receiving a fair trial.

Especially when you have corrupt attorneys using the media as leverage to further taint the case, leaving any evidence mentioned questionable.
Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx and Senator Kamala Harris have both shown they can not be trusted and it wouldn't be hard to believe they are committed to fulfilling their political agendas. Red flags should be raised once you consider the facts surrounding the corruption of the case against R. Kelly, including but not limited to:

The Corrupt Prosecutor

Kim Foxx

It should be no surprise that Tina Tchen is a big advocate for the Times Up movement and had no problem calling in a favor for Foxx to reconsider the case against Jussie Smollett.
Text messages and emails reveal the tone of misconduct carried out by Foxx.

Criminal Attorneys/

Questionable Evidence

How can you take any of the allegations serious led by a convicted extortionist using witnesses who can't even keep their stories straight.

For all we know Michael Avenatti could have used Jerhonda Pace as the alleged victim in the video to present to Kim Foxx considering the misleading posts that emerged via social media.

Questionable political


Considering it is election season, it would not be hard to believe the political individuals involved intended to secure their position in guaranteeing the conviction of R Kelly.

Biased Judge

Can you really ignore the strange connections with some political figures with the judge presiding over the cases?

It would appear that R Kelly would make the perfect distraction to keep the focus off the weirdos calling the shots.

Imagine slowly but surely working your way back to the top, despite being plagued by a history of unfounded slanderous allegations- led by your former disgruntled employees. 
It would appear from the beginning of Kelly's career up until now, each manager he had screwed him over. From Demetrius Smith stealing from him to a variation of UCC filings against him, Kelly has had his hands full dealing with living the celebrity life while dealing with ongoing betrayals.

His former wife went from supporting him and encouraging others to do the same, to claiming to also be a victim.

I find it hard to swallow with all the allegations waged against Kelly, his wife would also accuse him of abuse, continue to support him publicly, then turn around with such outrageous and blatant contradicting statements.
Considering Andrea has been around since at least 1994, she should be able to confirm any truth to the Aaliyah scandal and XXX tape scandal. Instead she avoids those questions and no one pushes the issue that if what she now claims is true, she would have to be just as guilty as she claims Kelly is. 
Andrea leaves out the things she was willing to do to be the "wifey" as she presents this wholesome image on Surviving R Kelly.
Unfortunately even his family and close friends were used to slander him in an effort to cover their own lack of talent and extra activities with the groupies that loved R Kelly.
There is not one shred of evidence that suggests R Kelly accused his brother as the man in the infamous tape, yet according to his story, he claims that is why he spoke out. It's more likely he spoke out because as a person who played body doubles for his brother, its more likely he was involved in creating the tape.

Extortion in plain site

Despite his short comings, Smith was allowed to began working for Kelly again after running off with money he won for a show.
Demetrius Smith openly admits his involvement in the illegal actions in his stories, yet he hasn't been charged officially.
The story tends to vary yet the outcome remains the same. A plan was concocted in which it was said R. Kelly must marry Aaliyah. According to Smith's original statements, it was Derrel McDavid who stated this had to happen.

It's unclear who "leaked" the fake certificate to vibe magazine or what really happened. It is obvious; however, the certificates presented as so called proof of the marriage are fraudulent.

Certification printed in Vibe Magazine.. (Fake)
Sample Real Chicago Certification

Following the scandal, Aaliyah's father began managing his daughter even though Hankerson is in complete control of her estate.
Strange how some cared about Aaliyah but only viewed her as a "property asset"..

It's very well possible someone threw Demetrius Smith under the bus for their own motives; however, Hankerson is very well known for mishandling his artists funds and shady business practices. 

One thing that is clear, Demetrius Smith was fired after the Aaliyah scandal in 1995. Smith was managing Tiffany Hawkins at the time, so it shouldn't be far fetched to believe the story she has relayed, has been about Smith not Kelly. It was Smith who started the whole rotation of supplying girls for disgraced attorney Susan Loggans to use to reach a settlement with R. Kelly's team.

Not only did Hawkins violate her alleged settlement agreement by participating in the Surviving R Kelly docu-series, she also recruited a new face in the story.

Strange that Hawkins was allowed to give this outdated story on Lifetime's national platform, but for them to wait until the very end to caption that the baby she spoke of wasn't R. Kelly's. No follow up questions, no explanation of how she could have been so devastated by this alleged relationship yet end up pregnant during the same time period is absolutely absurd.
Imagine being taken advantage of by the people you trust to take care of business for you, knowing that you have a learning disability. Unfortunately in the black communities, mental disabilities are often dismissed, while those suffering in silence try to maintain without asking for help. Many have spoken of R. Kelly being a musical genius. Is it possible there is a explanation for his gift..

Savant Syndrome is a rare, but extraordinary condition in which someone with significant
 mental disabilities demonstrates certain abilities far in excess of average. The skills that savants excel at are generally related to memory. This may include rapid calculation, artistic ability, map making, or musical ability.
Considering over the time, it has become very clear the record labels that sign young artist could care less about their mental health or problems in life as long as you are making them money. 
Even if the record labels didn't entice those working against R. Kelly within his circle, they played a role in financially robbing the artist from what he is rightfully owed.

According to Demetrius Smith, he reached out to the record label to inform them he believed Kelly had a problem, even though he also states he never saw him act inappropriately with a minor. According to lyrics written by Kelly in the controversial song "I Admit", he states that he unknowingly signed away his publishing at the beginning of his career while expressing wanting ownership of his masters. Isn't it ironic how celebrities have this common issue and most end up in a tragic accident leaving the record labels to gain greatly. 

How does it make sense to feature a biased series full of unfounded allegations by questionable witnesses, while supporting a person with the same allegations.

It shouldn't be hard to see how easy it would be for a record label to shift the publics' opinion about any given person, including their artists, considering how the three major record labels are basically operating a monopoly and control the media.
Although Sony did drop R. Kelly, they along with Universal and Warner all still hold copyrights for R. Kelly.

While some celebrities displayed their hypocrisy in comments about R Kelly...

Others worked in over time trying to conceal their dirty history.

As previously mentioned, the settlement with Hawkins opened the door for others to use the same tactic.. seek out certain individuals within Kelly's crew.. contact Susan Loggans... wait for a payout. It's easy for those who would never be in the position to naively feel a person that settles a lawsuit must be guilty, when the truth is when you are so busy and making so much, you are advised to just settle and continue working.

The women that followed after Hawkins included Tracy Sampson, Patrice Jones, and Montina Woods all who conveniently capitalized on targeting Kelly after the alleged sex tape of him leaked.
Teens having sex for a record deal

In short, all of these women involved are mere smoke screens. 

There is a lot of money unaccounted for, a lot of deals made behind R. Kelly's back, and some scamming within his circle. 
The media will have you to believe that Kelly has blown his fortune settling with underage girls; however, this is a lie. The biggest question people should be asking is...



It would appear that even after the trial things would continue to go down hill. People bringing lawsuits against Kelly for alleged fights, more slanderous tabloids, money being unaccounted for, having emergency throat surgery, and those he trusted played a role in maliciously setting him up, while they profited.