No internet for R. Kelly superfan Deboski Gunn. Violating court orders 🤔

 A Brooklyn Federal Judge banned the internet from the home of a man accused of stalking witnesses and threatening prosecutors in the R. Kelly case.

Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Hector Gonzalez said he was concerned Christopher Gunn was violating parts of his bail agreement on charges of making threats involving bodily harm and death. It is a fact Gunn, operated multiple accounts under different names and went above and beyond to put on the appearance he made content about the case when those watching him and contacted by him, saw his devious nature. It doesn't take long for anyone to see past the remedial attempts made to warrant his contempt for the legal process, attacks on specific individuals involved in the R. Kelly case and acknowledge his inability to stay out of a federal investigation for whatever reason.

Gunn made his first attempts to aid in intimidating Federal witness Jerhonda Pace through a frivolous lawsuit orchestrated by alleged fan clubs administrators. The individuals supporting this nonsense began to use youtube platforms to promote this lawsuit which was later dismissed, considering these nut jobs have no valid claims to pursue a lawsuit with Jerhonda Pace. The fan club manager,  Darlene Aprils, even gave me insight to why her lawsuit would not do anything on behalf of R. Kelly yet this was the behavior that would set the stage for the fanatic behavior that now has Gunn facing criminal charges.

Gunn, who was arrested in Illinois in June, allegedly posted on social media identities of possible witnesses,  urged people to file criminal complaints against witnesses, smoked a Marijuana cigarette and strayed from his home without authorization. According to the hearing pertaining to these violations, Gunn offered excuses to avoid the possibility when he did stray, he could have been given devices to continue to defy the court order to stay off the internet.  It is believed his team is continuing to help him mask his defiance of the law.

Not only are his cult like followers using Gunns primary youtube channel to pass messages from him to his limited audience, they all collectively use a page titled, Freedom of Speech, to continue to taunt those who have witnessed the deranged episodes performed by Gunn and his crew as an act of intimidation.  This creates more cause for those being targeted to inquire why the government isn't taking more measures to ensure this menace to society adheres to court orders as people continue to excuse his behavior as entertainment.  Nyree Write, the individual who wants the credit for operating the page displays her remedial attempts to expose private information including attempts to post locations of those such as myself with deceptive posting to INCITE their followers to carry on the acts of terrorism using social media platforms. 

Gunn made it his mission to act as thought he supports R. Kelly.. all of his threats against those he posts for his followers to attack is why Federal prosecutors have every right to take his threats serious, even if taken out of context considering the intent behind this serial stalker is obvious.

When Gunn and his associates can not intimide you, they will try to INCITE others to incriminate themselves following his stupidity. 

The most annoying part in all that has played out on public platforms.. the real fans of R. Kelly sit oblivious to the FACT... none of this behavior had anything to do with R. Kelly. Ample individuals speak on the R. Kelly topic without doing demonic stuff as routinely threatening  women and children for deranged viewers.

PICTURED: Evidence of individuals following the lead of the superfan only to find themselves on the BIG STAGE.
The final straw for me, was the threats against me. Individuals came up with a complete murder for hire scheme, used various platforms to give the individuals involved VIEWS, and no one stands for what's right in stating this is all criminal minded behavior that should be FULLY INVESTIGATED. 
The constant need to make constact with ppl who have said leave them alone may seem like content for remedial individuals; however, there is a clear line of harassment that many won't acknowledge as they continue to shield the real predators who interfered with Federal investigations. We the people demand the same in return for these criminal minded superfans.

The alleged send out guy... Tim Jackson was allowed to keep this ridiculous scheme going for whatever reason. The problem is... I've asked numerous times to be left alone, thus the pattern on display gives you insight to the things this group of weirdos are willing to do to keep lies going. Those involved don't mind putting people's life in real danger or take accountability for the roles they play inciting others.

The video below is the audio from another nut job who thought the murder for hire was funny.. until the crime was reported and they began to pass the blame as to who did what.. Now if the government was doing thorough investigations in the R. Kelly case.. the possibly of these deranged individuals taking advantage of simple minds would not have exploded through the youtube community by those following ppl involved in the case involved in criminal activities as they point the finger at R. Kelly under a nice alias in court.