The DEMAND for a new trial for R. KELLY HEATS up💥

 R&B Legend Robert Kelly aka "R. Kelly" has officially submitted motions seeking new trial. According to new attorney Bonjean, Kelly was denied effective counsel among other civil rights violations, meanwhile all the information presented by supporters was ignored by officials to target Kelly as this mastermind behind others criminal actions.

Anyone with eyes can see the ongoing interference with this case, yet some would like you to believe these people online are acting on behalf of R. KELLY... I disagree.. As I have witnessed for the last few years, this was a strategic attack on this man. We watched the efforts to pressure some to keep quiet and others pushed to turn against the singer.. In all, everything I present gives reason to doubt any accusations brought by the government without sufficient proof.. And janky INFORMANTS and criminal careers embellishing stories is not sufficient evidence....

Though the media perpetuated the narrative that R. Kelly preyed on minors and had a cult of hostages, it became clear none of this was true. This didn't stop those with clear agendas of making the singer an example using an outdated law that many failed to realize can undermine all real victims of assault.
The government conveniently ignored the personal motives prompting these alleged witnesses to repeat the same stories that have been rewrote for decades. 
As Kelly continues to await his fate in the court system, I find it odd how so many can recognize obvious human rights violations, but rest their case on.. "he must be guilty of something"... Dear America... that is NOT JUSTICE OR THE WAY THE JUSTICE SYSTEM SHOULD BE MANIPULATED.