R. Kelly EXPOSES corruption in his federal cases

 R. Kelly has expressed during a jail call that gossip blogger Tasha K sabotaged his New York and Chicago Federal Cases.

The Infamous King of R&B has accused Tasha K and others of "witness tampering" and leaking his personal and restricted private information to his girlfriends leading up to key testimony for his New York Trial. He believes her actions are what caused his girlfriend to join with other bad act witnesses in order to form the manufactured RICO the singer was convicted of in New York, as well as corrupt witnesses with fraudulent testimonies for immunity deals. Loyal supporters have detailed the levels individuals went to in order to tamper with each witness placed in the original indictments even after finding all the inconsistencies in their statements, to further interfere with the judicial process.

Though some would like to dismiss things stated my Kelly himself, you can't dismiss the fact the individuals involved willingly got on platforms boasting of their deep involvement into corrupting the case as they attempted to be the judge, jury, attorney and confidant.
Considering R. Kelly only spoke on ONE witness being tampered with, it should come at no surprise why I personally followed all those moving pieces to this puzzle federally interfering with the investigation they so desperately wanted after Surviving R Kelly. It also shouldn't come as a surprise how I stacked context clues for all the digital footprints left for the PROPER INVESTIGATION R. KELLY REQUESTS. I STAND WITH HIM🎤