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Guilty unless proven innocent

In 2005, James McGee was accused and arrested for dealing drugs in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The arresting police officer, Andrew Collins, admits he falsified the report. James McGee served four years in prison for a crime he did not commit.
Andrew Collins admitted, "I falsified the report," in an interview with CBS News. He added, "Basically, at the start of that day, I was going to make sure I had another drug arrest."

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McGee was exonerated, and Collins served a year and a half for his crimes, which include falsifying police reports, planting drugs and stealing.
Last year, both men ended up at Mosaic, a faith-based employment agency where the two had no choice but to work side by side in the same cafĂ©. Collins apologized to McGee stating “'Honestly, I have no explanation, all I can do is say I'm sorry,” McGee accepted his apology and forgave Collins for what he put him through.

Today, Collins and McGee are friends and give faith-based speeches together about the importance of forgiveness and redemption.

Just another case of social injustice...

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