The death of Prince Rogers Nelson: What we do know

The sudden death of a pop superstar whose impact was larger than life has left fans reeling and officials searching for answers.
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Prince was found dead, at age 57,  after a string of recently canceled shows and an emergency aboard a flight last week. He was discovered slumped in an elevator at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota.
Authorities say it could be weeks before a cause of death is released. 

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Here is what we know about the final days of a music icon who lived a reclusive and often enigmatic life:

There were no signs of trauma or indications of a suicide.

Prince was last seen by an acquaintance who dropped him off at his estate in Chanhassen, southwest of Minneapolis, Wednesday night.
Staff became worried about his welfare after trying to reach him the next morning and found him collapsed in the elevator. Paramedics came just after 10 a.m. local time and unsuccessfully tried to revive him by doing CPR. Officials said some of the responders were carrying Narcan, an antidote that can save lives after a drug overdose, but they didn't use it.
There were no obvious signs of trauma to his body or anything that would imply his death was a suicide, Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson said Friday. 

The last flight he took was forced to make an emergency landing.

Prince took a flight last week from Atlanta to Minneapolis that made an emergency landing due to an "unresponsive male" on board, a source told NBC News. A representative said the musician hadn't been feeling well at his Thursday night show in Atlanta, and his health deteriorated after he boarded the flight after midnight.
 (April 15, 2016)
The private jet diverted about 300 miles to Moline, Illinois, en route to Minneapolis, Prince's publicist said last week.
A Prince spokesperson said he was treated for the flu in Moline and released later that day. The following night, he hosted a dance party at Paisley Park.

Prince at last concert in Atlanta.

"He seemed great. He looked like Prince," Minneapolis resident Lars Larson told The Associated Press. "The whole point of the show on Saturday was to show he was doing all right."
Prince had canceled other Atlanta shows recently, reportedly for the flu. In an April 14 concert there, he joked about being "under the weather," the AP reported.
 His last performance LIVE.

Leading up to his Death...

April 7:
Prince rescheduled two shows (due to illness) from his ongoing Piano & a Microphone tour at Atlanta's Fox Theatre for the following week. 
April 12:
Although he didn't provide a health update, the Purple Rain performer did excitedly share a photo of his new purple piano on Twitter:

April 14:
Seemingly feeling better, Prince took the stage for his promised-rescheduled concerts in ATL. Fans later tweeted about his emotional performance which included singers Judith Hill and Janelle Monae.
According to People, an attendee said the guitarist's final show was nothing short of "incredible" with "at least four encores." Before Prince began, he sincerely apologized for having to reschedule. The fan shared:
"He left everything on the stage, like he always did. After one song, he got up and left the stage because he was overcome by emotion."
You certainly can't deny his passion!

April 15:
Following his ATL performance, Prince's plane was forced to make an emergency landing and he was rushed to the hospital for allegedly still battling the flu. He was released three hours later.
At some point in the middle of all this, the multi-instrumentalist took to Twitter:

April 21:
Prince found dead after being spotted making a pharmacy run at a local Walgreens the night before.

We will keep you posted on any updates.