The origins of black people.. MOORS...muslims

When I first began this topic, I had a whole different approach in delivering my message....
so I began my search via Google and the results disgusted me!
So I typed in, "where did black people orginate"...

So after going through articles from the top results, I switched views to images...

By the way, even though I don't buy into the whole #blackfriday bs.. one would hope after a little search on the referenced images would trigger a response... #boycott #riptoblackfriday 

I now feel its my obligation to shead a little light on some real truths, historians seek to erase.... My thoughts... PRESS PLAY BELOW!!

Now for the Christians...
You must affirm that Jesus was born in Bethlehem..
Where is Bethlehem??
Fight the notion all you want, but we all originate from AFRICA!! On the same token, every race can be scientifically linked to the "black race". Feel free to search that topic in its own..

Moving along...
After viewing this powerful video you will learn valuable keypoints, in which I encourage you to search on your own, on the truth about "black people".

Unless you're from another country, you can say that as a person of color it is systematically imprinted in your brain that your origins stemmed from slavery..
this is complete Bullwash!!

Slavery can be first noted for profits in the 16th century..
Does that mean there where no "black people" before then??
Absolutely NOT!! 

You may wonder, why would someone do this to their own people... This is because though there are BLACK/DARK SKINNED does not mean they are one.
As previously mentioned, we all share similar genetics. Even most religion will reference that we all stem from Adam and Eve.. So who even made up this thing called race?? According to quick searches, race was established in order to "distinguish physical characteristics" (yet genereally race has been subdivided into three categories: black, yellow, white. Notice BLACK is the only considered a race).
NOTE: WELL BEFORE THE 16TH CENTURY. #valerianusaugustus 193-260 (Roman Emperor)


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