In the beginning there was life... IN AFRICA!! UNSHARED BLACK HISTORY

The science of archaeology, paleontology, and genetics has all proved beyond any doubt that human life originated in Africa. They have all shown that the first humans that ever lived had lived in Africa.
Scientists who compared the skulls and DNA of human remains from around the world say their results point to modern humans (Homo sapiens) having a single origin in Africa. The study didn't find any evidence to suggest that human species living elsewhere in the world contributed to our direct ancestors' make-up.

It is in Africa that the oldest fossils of the early ancestors of humankind have been found, and it is the only continent that shows evidence of humans through the key stages of evolution.

Scientific techniques, ranging from fossil identification, radiocarbon dating and analysis of DNA - the human genetic blueprint passed down from one generation to the next - all support the notion that Africa, and in particular the eastern and southern regions, is the cradle of humankind.

You may wonder why this information is rarely a topic of discussion... BRAINWASHING!!

The Roman Emperor, Justinian the Great, who ruled basically from 527 - 564 C.E., 500 years after the time of Yahshuah (Jesus), had engraved on a coin, the image of Yahshuah (Jesus) with woolly / kinky hair and "BLACK" features. On the obverse side of the coin there is an image of Justinian but with straight hair.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia has this particular listing about that image on the coin. 
"Whatever the fact, this coin, with the straight haired Justinian on the obverse side, places beyond doubt the belief that "Jesus" was a Negro (black-skinned)." 

In the coin image, the front side shows the image of Jesus having 'wooly' or 'kinky' hair i.e. black features, contrasting the image of Justinian on the other side showing him having long, curly and wavy hair.

Above were the ORIGINAL names of these lands. And you can clearly see African presence in the bible. But, in order to whitewash the bible, European scholars had to rename MIZRAIM to Egypt and CUSH also renamed Ethiopia or Nubia. This was done to conceal the true identity of the blackman (Ham) who was later to have Judah (Jews)/Jesus Christ/Hebrews as his descendants.

For clarity, below is a map representing Noah's 3 sons and the lands they possessed.

Map of north, east Africa with ancient and current names, and part of Arabia

Judah (Jews)/Jesus Christ/Hebrews were later to become the descendants of Ham- the black man.

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