Lawful lynchings: The new Klan...

The old Ku Klux Klan members are the new police officers enforcing modern day lawful lynchings. To continue turning a blind eye to the ongoing cases of wrongful death and police brutality, only implies how oblivious most are to the systematic racism minorities still face today.
Modern racists have taken off their white hats and white sheet robes and put on police uniforms. Some have put on shirt and ties as policymakers and some have put on robes as judges." Those that can not see how our legal system purposely targets minorities have unfortunately become a part of the systems design. Racism still does exist. Stereotyping of minorities still does exist. Before this problem can be solved, we must first recognize that there is a problem. We must stop tiptoeing around this sensitive topic and deal with the obvious issues.

Isn't it sad that slavery ended 148 years ago, yet minorities are still being oppressed and murdered right in the public eye.

Police brutality caught on camera: THE DEATH OF ERVIN EDWARDS

Murdered but not forgotten...

"Stand for something, or fall for anything.."