Jasmine Eiland suicide update 😱


Marcey Leachman has deleted all related posts including the one above. She is the person that first announced to the public that Jasmine killed herself, then turned around and claim they brought her back to life..
According to Jasmine's husband, she is "doing OK". Whatever that means. If she did attempt suicide as reported, I'm perplexed as to why her husband is on live in the studio instead of comforting her. In the live, he mentions that "Jasmine and the baby are good".. She is also allegedly pregnant.

Dominique Williams did assault Jasmine Eiland. #pressplay
 What's sad is, her husband is no better.. #pressplay


Unknown said…
Jasmine a Tonya TKO would love to speak to you she just want to help you. I am so sorry this has happened to you but believe me God and I love you and you will be forever in our prayers in Jesus Name Amen.
Unknown said…
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Eugene Johnson said…
Hope she feels better soon.