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Asante McGee is no victim.. Surviving R Kelly lies

Since millions tuned into the eye-opening #SurvivingRKelly documentary on Lifetime, the Pied Piper himself allegedly is vowing to expose his accusers for blatantly lying on him and he’s planning to do a little exposing himself one by one.

In the meantime.. I can't help but point out the things I've come across about the "victim".

The audacity to mislead the public and go along with the narrative of being a hostage, when at any point they could have as they eventually did.

Asante didn't speak on leaving her children unattended to chase after R Kelly you will notice. She's also denied being convicted of multiple crimes, which is a LIE...

It would appear that Asante was just another player aiming to prosper at the expense of R Kelly.

Who can even verify that she was ever in a relationship with R Kelly considering the narrative they are trying to push. 

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