Witnesses don't want to testify��

Jerhonda Pace plotted on R Kelly from the beginning

Jerhonda's background validates she has a history with fraudulent ID's and petty theft...

The above article from R Kelly's first trial is Jerhonda stating what I've pointed out.. the authorities intentionally withheld the actual date stamped on clips. R Kelly was bald during the time the video was Allegedly recorded but in the video you can notice the obvious.

Disclaimer: This is not to victim shame or blame, yet you have to see the holes in each victims accounts of abuse. How can one be having the best time of their life, as they mentioned, yet claim to be abused? I feel each and every person that has come forward did so with an agenda. I feel each person was complacent and comfortable in thinking they would have such a lavish lifestyle, yet found as most things in this world... it came with a price.

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Kdeezie4Sheezie said...

How you go victim shame someone who's not a victim? This has been known a while she stalked him. She's still doing it. She was waiting outside his bail hearing.

Prima Donna said...

Thats crazy. But ppl keep saying I'm defending r Kelly. No, I see what they are doing and its not right. Hold him accountable for real charges not this bs

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