Motown, R Kelly and Barry Hankerson common links

Many have believed the hype surrounding the alleged marriage between Aaliyah and R Kelly, yet how many have thought about how illogical the stories sound. Did you know the legendary Barry Gordy faced a similar experience as R Kelly when a journalist tried to extort him using a similar story line. Unlike Kelly however; Gordy had people looking out for his best interest and was able to shut down the journalist spreading fake news about him. 

TaKe a look for yourself. It's quite obvious the difference between a real certificate and a fake...

It should not be shocking the people at the front line of deceiving the public through bogus magazine articles with catchy headlines also are responsible for the recent slanderous docuseries aimed at Kelly, Surviving R Kelly.

The story alone should raise some questions. Why is the former manager, Demetrius Smith, allowed to come out and openly admit to breaking the law. 

According to Smith, R Kelly never asked him to bribe anyone for anything yet today we see the singer is being held accountable for alleged actions of his manager.

The list of inconsistencies go on and on, the question is do you really believe this story when the evidence attached is obviously fraudulent?