Aaliyah once again dragged into the R Kelly circus

The media wants to conveniently use Aaliyah to further paint this narrative against R Kelly then twist the headlines when it is pointed out that she is deceased. By law a defendant has the right to face his accusers, yet how can this be possible when she is deceased. She definitely can not be intimidated by Kelly at this point, so what would be the issue in mentioning this fact in a motion for bond.

We've heard the rumors for years and even though she denied these rumors up until her death, R Kelly is being charged for this alleged illegal act of marrying her as a minor. It should not be overlooked that her uncle, Barry Hankerson, played a vital role in spreading this rumor.

It should have been disputed long ago why a man would continue to work with a guy accused of marrying his underage niece long after the fact.

Barry Hankerson played a role in the deception and used Demetrius Smith  to carry out his plan.

It should be clear the documents claimed to be the marriage certificate of Aaliyah and R Kelly are fake.

Ask yourself why use fraudulent documents to prove this alleged wedding occured?