How R Kelly's girlfriend Joycelyn Savage's parents fooled the wold

How would you feel if you realized Tim and Jonjelyn Savage played a role in setting R. Kelly up, and deceiving millions of people. Some may say this is R. Kelly's karma, yet we do not have a judicial system in place to overlook the fact that everybody deserves their due process in court. Regardless of how a person feels about a person's lifestyle choice, that does not give anyone the right to manipulate facts and spin a narrative to have a man wrongfully incarcerated.

The Savages have obviously always sought after fame and fortune. Before taking part in the scripted docu-series Surviving R Kelly, the couple made numerous attempts to have their moment in the spotlight...

The story first told by the Savages was their daughter, Joycelyn, first met R. Kelly at the age of 17.... that was not the truth. They clearly tried to run with the underage narrative even though the age of consent in Atlanta is 17.

It should be no surprise that  their fame seeking would be their downfall. As time progressed and their story became more inconsistent, it became obvious they were not being truthful.

In 2015 the Savages met someone from R. Kelly's crew who said they could get the singer to work with Joycelyn. This would clearly indicate that the singer did not prompt this person to reach out to them.

This person allegedly then put them in contact with Kelly's road manager, Kevin Gyles.

Jonjelyn and Joycelyn where flown out to meet R Kelly, yet according to the artist he was more interest in Joycelyn's beauty.

According to their story after realizing Kelly would not be working with their daughter, they advised her to go back to school; however Joycelyn had other plans.

In November 2016, the Savages contacted Jim Derogatis, claiming people were telling them Joycelyn was a hostage in a sex cult. Considering text messages posted via social media, it would appear that it was Joycelyn seeking out
R Kelly.

Career criminal Asante Carson McGee reached out to both the Savages and the Clary's. According to many sources, McGee worked for Kelly despite her dramatic story of dating the singer. It was even noted in a article first released about this story that she was a part of Kelly's inner circle, not a girlfriend.

Considering Jim Derogatis has made a career slandering R Kelly's name, it wouldn't be surprising if he connected past accusers to help push the narrative we see today.  Strangely this same person refused to testify in the first trial.

It should not be overlooked that the girl who attempted to extort money from Kelly prior to his first trial, and the girl that stalked the first trial are among the women communicating with the Savages.

If only people took the time to properly research these characters claiming abuse, it would have been clear their stories do not add up. As hard as some tried to delete evidence that proves they were in no way hostages, their past reveals the truth.

Many never saw the irratic behaviors, including threats against Kelly, and clout chasing methods Tim Savage used before being led to reach out to the media...

Around this same time, the Savages released their ghetto intervention, in which it appeared more like an attack than a real attempt to reach their daughter. In this video it became clear why Joycelyn wouldn't want anything to do with her parents.

Despite many confirmations from Joycelyn that the claims made by her parents were false, the media continued to publish stories concocted by the Savages.

This family had gone to great lengths to keep their deception going including intentionally putting out false information using various people and fake social media accounts exposing other alleged victims.

They even went so far as to try to get another alleged to claim a fictional book used to sell their story through Surviving R Kelly; however that plan back fired quickly.

We all know it is against the law to file a false police report, yet that is exactly what Tim Savage did when he claimed Kelly's former manager James Mason threatened him.

Considering Tim Savage had a domestic abuse charge against him, it is ironic he would come out with all these allegations with no substantial evidence to backup his stories.

Coincidentally shortly after the Savages came out with their allegations, Kelly's houses are burglarized....

Clearly the Savages do not have the brains to pull this whole scam off alone. The question is who is really behind this public lynching of R Kelly. This whole thing appears to be a money grab, so ask yourself who would profit from Kelly's valuable music collection.