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Joycelyn Savage parents shady business with Angelo Clary

From the very moment that we were first introduced to Timothy Savage, it was obvious his credibility is sketchy. From first threatening R Kelly with a baseball bat and lame diss song, to claiming hisa daughter was a sex slave hostage, to his role in this conspiracy against R Kelly something is just not right about the Savages.

From the beginning Tim Savage maintained that  Joycelyn had a established career and even owned a boutique, J Savage Collections. It would appear Joycelyn had many interests, was not as established as her parents would want you to think, and the boutique was ran by Jonjelyn Savage, her mother..

 Recent discoveries now bring in to question.. who really owns J Savage Collections..
Ironically Everytime a R Kelly supporter points out the deception with this family, they always have to respond. This is what Tim Savage had to say in regards to J Savage Collections...

The lies this man tells.. who can take him serious. According to Savage, Angelo is not listed anywhere in association to J Savage Collections. Well explain this...

The above photo is a list of companies on Angelo Clary's background report.

The following is the business information pulled on J Savage Collections...

Not only is Angelo Clary included in J Savage Collections, but also a woman named Shawn Busby. This is the same woman who is president of Clary's shady non-profit Team Truth company.

Timothy Savage found it necessary to even respond to me.
Unfortunately I don't need to watch any Instagram post made by Tim seeking the truth. I have watched him decieve the public long enough...

Stay tuned for the next update....

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Unknown said...

Young lady go and seek his truth on his Ig page please!!🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰 you are doing that thang. I like the new site.

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