R Kelly expected to walk free in upcoming trial

According to a source close to the singer, who spoke to HipHollywood, the feeling in his inner circle is that Kelly has a good chance to beat all the charges he is currently facing. "Don't be surprised if he walks out of that court with, at worst, probation," according to the source.

With all the evidence piling up to dispute each allegation against the singer, it should not be hard to believe the case against him is weak.

You can not continue to ignore the fact that you have been fooled into turning a blind eye to the clear corruption in the case against R Kelly.

 Prosecutor Kim Foxx is obviously being used to push this times up agenda.

Both attorneys representing the alleged accusers have a history of misconduct, with one being convicted of extortion and fraud.

Not to mention the evidence submitted by these questionable attorneys should be inadmissible in court, considering one went so far as to show the alleged evidence to a nationally syndicated news show, CNN.

When asked about the new charges and others pending in Chicago and Minnesota, the source claimed that Kelly's team is so confident that they turned down a plea agreement recently offered that proposed 3-5 years of prison time and would have required the singer to register as a level 3 sex offender.

Kelly continues to maintain his innocence against all the allegations and, according to the source, the singer has plenty of money to mount a vigorous defense. Kelly initially told authorities that he is broke and needed to be freed so he could earn money, but according to the source Kelly is receiving huge royalties from his music. In a court filing prosecutors also suggested Kelly is earning large sums, stating "in the first quarter of 2020 alone, Kelly received over $200,000 in royalty proceeds."

Considering all accounts associated with R Kelly should be frozen by the FBI, one could say even if that is the case the singer doesn't have access to those funds.

Kelly is due in court in the fall and the source said that the Chicago native will definitely take the stand. "This will be bigger than O.J." the source said.