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Michael Avenatti broke and scrutinized for his role taking down R Kelly

Michael Avenatti is broke, can't afford legal fees, lawyer claims...

Michael Avenatti is broke and can't pay his legal fees, the California attorney who has represented the discredited lawyer for more than a year claims. Considering this guy is being labeled a "discredited lawyer", you must wonder what does that say about his role in the case against R. Kelly...
Over the last year, the public has witnessed the unethical behaviors from Avenatti, including taunting R. Kelly's attorneys via twitter. Although this case is supposed to be sealed, that didn't stop Avenatti nor his clients from disclosing so much misleading information through social media and unsolicited press conferences intended to influence the public's opinion against R. Kelly.

According to Avenatti, he represents multiple accusers in this case and has submitted key evidence that led to Kelly being indicted. What does it say when the person making such bold allegations is convicted of extortion and fraud in three different cases.
From his client Jerhonda Johnson-Pace conducting Q&A's, openly discussing charges she claims she helped initiate and setting the stage to claim people are intimidating her online, when common sense should tell her and the others, the smart thing to do is keep quiet until the trial. That seems to be a task these alleged victims can't grasp. Never in history have you seen potential witnesses work so hard to manipulate the public in a sealed case. Pace alone has done so much damage in her own case. She admitted to lying about her age, she was allowed to enter into a trial in which you were supposed to be 18 to enter, and yet people claim R. Kelly is at fault for not knowing he encountered a pathological liar. She stalked the man's first trial, presented herself as an adult, and now wants people to run with her ridiculous story.

She has openly admitting to having relations with others; however, why is R. Kelly the only person being targeted? It wouldn't be hard to believe that she never had a relationship with R. Kelly but instead this person she claims sought her out...

Bubba is R. Kelly's long time friend, who goes by the name Rubie Cristyle on social media.
It should be no shock that like others, someone referred Pace to the attorney Loggans who made a career extorting rich men. Strangely after Derell McDavid stopped working for Kelly, payments Pace claimed to be receiving stopped. She then started threatening to expose Kelly and linked up with his biggest stalker, Jim Derogatis.
When allegations against Avenatti began to surface, it's funny how his clients began to distance themselves from him...

Some of the accusers then began trying to clean up their lies... fortunately once you put information on the web.. it won't go away.
The same person who Pace turned to in order to slander Kelly, is the same person she later claims lied about her story in his book. Just like he lied about everything else.

As far as Angelo Clary.. he clearly spent his year trying to convince his daughter to turn against Kelly. Whatever he and his minion told her, they obviously have her thinking Kelly will not be vindicated. The problem with that thought process is they are providing way too much evidence to prove this whole thing was a set up from the beginning.

Is it normal for those working for the Homeland Security to be doing business with career criminals?

A person telling the truth doesn't need to photoshop their evidence...

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LisaHunt said...

Hi PD~ I love your website. Great job!

I know Demetrius Smith has been with underaged girls, do you know if Derrell ever been accused of it?

Items of note: photo of Avenatti with Gayle and JP's (probably not meant to be but nevertheless) upside down star tattoo.

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