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Participants in Surviving R Kelly should be prosecuted. Here's why....

It is no surprise that R. Kelly has been viewed as an easy target since the beginning of his career. In the "I admit" song, that had so many misinterpreting the motive behind releasing it, the singer details how from the beginning of his career, he unknowingly signed away his publishing rights. He goes on to detail and even answer questions that gives another perspective of what went wrong in his career. The first thing anyone with common sense can see is that he trusted so many of the wrong characters. From his managers, to his assistants, to even some of the "groupies" that aggressively pursued him no one had his best interest at heart yet wanted to take so much from him.

It's no secret that for the last 3 decades the so called music critic Jim Derogatis has been the leading person keeping Kelly's name infused in scandals, even though he refused to give his testimony at the first trial. According to the narrative given by them, Derogatis received the alleged child porn in the mail by someone referred to as B.H. (Barry Hankerson)

The same person believed to be behind the whole Aaliyah scandal, was also behind the sex tape scandal. Hankerson was fired around the same time this sex tape surfaced and who in their right mind would continue to represent a person they felt married their underage niece? Anyone with clear vision can see the difference in a real marriage certificate and the provided certificate being said to be Aaliyah's.


It is commonly believe this alleged marriage was merely media deception to fuel the new artists career. According to reports, Hankerson had been trying to get Aaliyah signed for a while before using R Kelly as the driving force behind her. He signed her to his label and allowed Kelly to work his magic, which wasn't a problem until money became an issue. Ask yourself why is it almost every artist that ever worked with Hankerson had to either sue him for shady business practices or take a loss in their career.

Who better to help a janky manager blackmail their artist than a bitter music critic who never made it as an artist himself....
 It's very well possible Derogatis decided to plead the 5th rather than testify as he was fully aware that he along with others broke the law according to their stories. Derogatis, after receiving and reviewing the tape provided to him, then showed this tape (alleged child porn) to Stephanie Edwards to identify the girl in the video. Ask yourself... how would he know to contact Stephanie of all people and why didn't he take the tape to the police directly after he viewed it and felt it showed an underage girl on it? It was also reported that the tape made a debut at a mansion party in the presence of Kelly's crew.

Stephanie Edwards, a witness who identified her niece as being a victim is not credible either. She can't even be honest about the fact that she was married and had an affair with R Kelly, which is plenty of motivation for her to be scorned. She lied about how she originally saw the video, she even lied about being let go from R. Kelly's record label Rockland Records in 2000. The same time frame in which this sex tape surfaced.

 How ironic that in 1998, Sparkle's video "Be Careful" included another witness named Damon Pryor, also known as Lisa Van Allen's baby daddy. This witness maintained R Kelly is not the man in the alleged sex tape, yet because Van Allen also proved to be an unreliable witness, his testimony wasn't needed.

It's no surprise that these scandals were rekindled by the clout chasers we see today linking up with the music critic and former magazine editor responsible for articles that have recklessly shamed Kelly based on rumors. The articles were just the beginning. The six part docu-series, Surviving R Kelly, was the catalyst that led to yet another criminal investigation against Kelly, even though they won't tell you they have consistently investigated Kelly and dismissed the unfounded allegations.
 Just as Jerhonda Pace did, Timothy Savage and his wife reached out to Derogatis and decided to work together to intimidate people into participating with their plans. Throughout the last year, we have witnessed the ongoing shenanigans between the two families that led the stories that Kelly was running a sex cult only to see them then try to clean up all the inconsistencies within their ridiculous stories. They successfully convinced so many Kelly is a pedophile, holding women against their will, and running a sex cult, then the truth comes out and they claim he ensures the girls he deals with are of legal age now and they can leave if they want...

The parents told us to hold lifetime accountable... how about we hold all of them accountable. They successfully tainted the court of public opinion, yet the final say will be held in the courts. You can manipulate the truth for the public.. its a crime to do so in the courtroom.
 From the prosecutors to the attorneys.. numerous people need to be held accountable for the defamation of R Kelly's character without a conviction and for how his basic human rights have been denied over the last few decades.
What does it say about a case that is supposed to be a so called open and shut case when the prosecutor, Kim Foxx, is corrupt and should be investigated for malicious prosecution not only for Jessie Smollet but for every case she has ever launched. 

 Don't be naive and think Sen Kamala Harris isn't down with the times up agenda. She is!

 Since when does the state accept evidence from a convicted extortionist? Since when is it ok for an attorney to take alleged child porn to a news broadcasting network and show them the tape?? Again so many laws have been broken all trying to steer the court of public opinion one way, when its nowhere near the truth.

Even though this case is sealed, it seems nearly impossible for a day to go by and these so called attorneys and alleged victims are disclosing information via social media. How could one expect to get a fair and unbiased jury??

What does it say when attorneys use press conferences as a marketing tool to further taint possible jurors and defame Kellys character before he has had his day in court?
It speaks volumes when everyone involved in this case has either a shady criminal background, misconduct allegations, extortion allegations, or are just down right not credible..

It's very ironic that just like his first trial, Epstein was again facing similar charges and many of those involved in this public lynching of R Kelly, are affiliated with either Weinstein or Epstein. It's not uncommon to note that the FBI and police force are known to prosecute Patsies in order to allow deals to transpire for higher elites, such as Weinstein/Spacey/Epstein.

So the next time they try to use reverse psychology and say nobody cares about the black or brown girls, ask them what are they doing about all the missing brown girls, or those murdered with no one being held accountable such as Kenneka Jenkins or Jessica Reid..

Wake Up!!!!

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