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R. Kelly's brother Carey Kelly has a hidden agenda

 R. Kelly's brother, Carey Kelly, has made some extremely shocking allegations against the singer. From his role in the original sex tape scandal to even claims that R. Kelly impregnated a relative, Carey played yet another role by taking part in the one-sided docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly. Many will wonder why would a brother do such a thing...

Carey used to both tour and appear in music videos with his brother R. Kelly in the 90s. According to Carey he also acted as a body double for his brother. 

 In or around 1993 he can be seen in the music video "Summer Bunnies (contest remix) ft. Aaliyah.

At this time Barry Hankerson was managing Kelly and trying to accelerate his young niece's career. In this video you will also notice Andrea Lee, who's now holding on to the last name Kelly. Despite her fantasized memory of how her and Kelly became involved, the images from this video give you a good idea of how far she was willing to go to gain Kelly's attention. Despite being around during the alleged marriage of Kelly and Aaliyah, she has never really spoken on the topic. The only statement found was her stating Kelly and her never spoke about Aaliyah and that he and her family spoke their peace on the subject.

To look at Carey now compared to when he was working with his brother, is like looking at two different people.

Jealousy can make a person  do strange things. Carey wanted to be a rapper yet its not always easy to tap into the industry when you're eclipsed by a family member with such a huge talent as R. Kelly.

Carey had allegedly taken part in a number of blackmail threats against Kelly over the years. 

It's been said that he himself has had relations with minor girls. It would not be hard to believe that he would be easy to convince to take part in a grand scheme against the brother he began to envy.

Contrary to the stories Carey has told, there has been no evidence to confirm the allegation that Kelly's attorney tried to blame him for being on the tape; however, it does raise the suspicion that he was considering how close the two did look, and with the right editing, it could give the illusion to some that they see R Kelly in the footage, especially considering the video was not very clear.

According to multiple articles, vendors claim they continued to sell and distribute the "leaked" tapes because it wasn't him in the videos. Allegedly two different tapes showing multiple scenes emerges from out of nowhere after Kelly had been charged.

R Kelly Underage Sex Tape Surfaces

It's no secret that Barry Hankerson is among those that "leaked" the alleged sex tape.

Sparkle was used to paint the picture that it was her niece in the video.

The Aaliyah scandal could have made this story seem believable to her, considering she had also fallen out with R. Kelly just as Hankerson did.

It is believed that Hankerson then "leaked" this video to Jim Derogatis, who has spent the last 30 years "leaking" slanderous stories about R. Kelly through various media outlets.

R. Kelly's brother being blamed in case
According to Carey, Kelly offered him 50K, a record deal, etc to take the blame for being in the video. Since then, Carey has been trying to continue to promote his music career and book that has yet to come.

Each time Carey gives his story the allegations he makes get worse and worse. Just as the others have began to realize, if they are not talking about R. Kelly, the media/blogs are not interested in what they're selling.
Carey is the perfect example of a person that will say anything for clout... One minute he claims R. Kelly didn't directly proposition him, the next he claims he saw himself on the news being implicated by Kelly's attorneys. That leaves the question. If you go by him stating he only heard they were going to try to throw the blame on him, that would leave you to wonder who would allegedly offer him money? Is it possible he was offered money to run with this story rather than as said to take the fall for his brother.

It's also worth considering that the oldest brother Bruce Kelly participated in the Surviving R Kelly docu-series as well. In it he stated that R. Kelly secretly recorded him having sex with someone. Considering reports have stated the estate had cameras installed, its quite possible Bruce was caught on surveillance rather than as stated.

There is so much room for reasonable doubt within both the last case as well as this one, knowing just as all the accusers in this case, Carey likes to shy away from his unspoken actions. It could have been anyone in those clips.
Laws have been broken no matter how you look at it, and everyone involved needs to be held accountable.

Just like with the sex tape, the biggest thing that stood out was what seemed like yet again Carey trying to get ahead of a story. It has been alleged that Carey molested his child among other things as well as that he has had children by underage girls.

Just like the other accusers, Carey realizes just as you are trying to expose somebody, there will be someone who knows the real you.

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