Where is R Kelly Money part 2

By now it should be clear, R Kelly had a huge target on his back. Could you blame a person for being cautious when they feel they can't trust anyone.

Where is R Kelly Money Part 1

One thing is certain, Andrea Lee did an awesome job displaying the dynamics of a bitter baby mother/ ex celebrity wife. 

2015 appears to be the year past scammers, made their moves. 
How is it possible for an accuser to be a minor in 2001, when they graduated in 1998?

As pointed out there has been numerous scams and fraudulent activity going on within the inner circle around R. Kelly even now; yet it was only the beginning. People were taking money for performances, in which Kelly maintained he never received nor knew about the bookings. According to lyrics by Kelly, he was living off of his shows considering he didn't own his masters and his publishing was gone from the beginning.

It should be obvious by now that the Savages pulled a lot of strings to push their narrative. 2015 is the year Jerhonda Pace reappeared claiming she was missing payments from her "settlement". 

The common question now is.. where was her parents...

Is it mere coincidence that Jerhonda Johnson Pace and Jonjelyn Johnson 
Savage share common last names? 

This is also the year in which two more women were allegedly introduced to Kelly. Considering all these people eventually found their way to a common link, it is hard to believe they don't know each other. Each person involved is linked to someone making false allegations and they all came in contact with career R Kelly stalker, Jim Derogatis.
There are many rumors that Asante McGee was involved in a conflict and was asked to leave, which is why she reached out to the Savages. One thing is certain, many have verified Asante was an employee NOT a girlfriend.

According to the stories, this is the point in which Azriel Clary is taken to R Kelly's concert. Despite what they say, it should be clear they went with a goal in mind to use their daughter to try to get close to Kelly. What parent in their right mind would take their 17 year old mentally unstable daughter, who recently attempted suicide, to an adult concert?

The following month, according to the Savages, an employee of R Kelly's approached them stating they could help with Joycelyn's career. Strange how a singer would get scouted, not auditioning, not at a talent show or anything of the sort, but while at a boutique by an assistant.
Many overlooked how some from Kelly's alleged inner circle, became "victims" once people began throwing around terms such as enablers...

Once in the inner circle, now victims
The same person who in her own words had access to Kelly's bank account, through linked debit cards, is the same person who allegedly recruited Joycelyn..

Just like the rest, Mack intends to sell a tell all book.

It should be clear that while R. Kelly was being entangled in a whole heap of mess, those around him seemed more interested in how they could profit from situations being around him. Money for shows was not being given to Kelly even though numerous promoters detail sending requested funds to managers and people such as his former attorney, Linda Mensch. While some continued living off Kelly's name and connections, promoters were still suing him for things it appears others were responsible for.

This brings us back to the girls who were used to reignited the hate towards Kelly.
It is unclear the time frame in which Asante reached out to the parents, yet it is obvious the Savages are only interested fame.

Despite the narrative given that these girls had no phones and were being held hostage, evidence suggests otherwise.

After making threats, a music video and trying to portray a gangster image, Savage reached out to Derogatis, who gave him the ideas to reach the mainstream media
Despite the fact that even though this same music critic refused to testify against the person he has made a career slandering, in fear of incriminating himself for his deep involvement in the distribution of an alleged child porn tape.

It is blatantly obvious this character helped form their plan to further mislead the public.
It should be no surprise with the help of gossip blogs, the mainstream media would make the information given seem more credible, yet we see that is not true. The Savages have manipulated every part of their story, even originally lying about Joycelyn's real age..

The Savages used intimidation tactics in order to get those that didn't want to go public with their allegations to come forth.

What rational parent would share photos of their minor child tagging a person they claim is holding their adult daughter captive and allegedly targets children?

At one point they claimed they wouldn't speak on Kelly anymore until they realized no one would know them without doing so..
The problems began to surface for them when the truth began to break through the deception. 

Many journalist began to jump on the bandwagon taking part in unethical journalism.

Despite the many people who have publicly declared they never witnessed any abuse, the media has been determined to continue to demonize R Kelly and ignore the truth in plain sight, corrupt his chance for a fair trial, and only highlight those willing to make Kelly look bad.

To this day, there has not been one credible witness to speak publicly to give these rumors validity. Speculations and exaggerated stories from scorned employees/associates should be taken in with discretion.

Disclaimer: Social media posts may be used as evidence!
The facts reveal that there are many individuals took part in the downfall of R Kelly. Those individuals all should be held accountable.

Both families have clearly shown us the deception in all the accusers stories. They felt linking up together to replay the Cosby trial would increase their credibility. WRONG. A group of scammers can't hide the truth. 
The laws these people have broken in order to keep their lies going is absurd, including filing false police reports. 
If people don't learn anything from this set up, I hope you recognize how important it is to have the right people on your team. So many times people will succeed, and feel obligated to give everyone a chance.. the problem is, everyone is not qualified to fill certain positions. From what it appears, R. Kelly has not had one manager throughout his career that looked out for his best interest and didn't find ways to steal what they didn't earn. According to articles, James Mason was Kelly's the last known manager. 

It should be noted that RSK Enterprises is a company listed in R. Kelly's indictment, yet the company manager listed, James Mason, is not in the indictment.

Although some articles label Don Russell a manager, he has never officially been given that title. According to Russell, he is an "advisor"... 
According to an alleged former employee and others, Russell has never been Kelly's manager.

Allegedly R. Kelly lost a lot of money after hiring Monica Presley, only for her to not be apart of his legal team.
According to a source it was Kelly's former publicist, Trevian Kutti, who also resigned, who referred Presley to Kelly.
In conclusion, once you get past the distractions, the false allegations...

It's strange how so many are displaying this fake outrage for black lives matter, when the same people that will repeat the propaganda don't recognize in America you are INNOCENT until proven guilty. You are not guilty because some make a career slandering a person. You are not guilty because a slanderous one-sided movie gives you that impression. Everyone deserves their day in an unbiased court.
The prosecutor, attorneys and judge are all corrupt, the evidence against R. Kelly is circumstantial hogwash and none of the potential witnesses are credible.



According to statements made by R Kelly, the first time he went to his bank account for the first time by himself three weeks prior to his interview with Gayle King, only to discover he only had $350,000. Despite being one of the best selling music artists of all time, Kelly states he grew tired of not knowing where his money was. It's clear over the years, multiple people have had access to his bank account and have failed to keep his business affairs in order. 
Coincidentally after creating a new bank account and transferring his remaining funds, he was indicted with these new bogus charges.

The day protests were allowed to shut down his concerts, was the day R. Kelly's 14th amendment rights were violated. Every person has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is all impossible when your livelihood is being attacked, never-mind no other artist/company with convictions have had to endure such ridicule. Trying to silence an individual is a violation of their first amendment rights as well. Muting is bullying!
It was already said that according to R. Kelly he was being forced to survive off touring and appearances. How could he maintain his costs of living if he is basically forced into unemployment? 
It may be very well possible that certain people in Kelly's inner circle failed to act in his best interest, primarily because even after his arrest... the scamming still continued. Someone decided to target Kelly's fans in this scam. Someone else was allegedly working for Kelly's so called manager within his fan groups accepting debit cards intended to be for R. Kelly. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who that person was, yet all of this criminal activity should be easy to trace for the proper authorities.

R. Kelly founded his record company in 1998 and released a few albums on the label, including Sparkle's album with hit single "Be Careful". Where did the money go?
It was said Sony put a hold on Kelly releasing any music. Its unclear how long ago this began; however, it was said this is why his song "I Admit" was released on his A&R Julius Darrington's soundcloud. 

According to a known artist, there really isn't any money in streaming; however, this is something I wouldn't know.

Not only has he created charting hits for himself, but also for others... who is benefiting from that? It doesn't take a genius to see we are watching the same story play out with a different character. From Frankie Lymon, to Sam Cook the industry has a way of giving out trick bags and collecting the rewards.
Sadly it appears something as simple as taking a photo with a fan can turn into a story of rape by a scorned woman. 
Disclaimer: Fan Pic
Since when does having a photo with someone mean you personally know the person in the photo?
Remember transgender Sidney Star...

The levels groupies go through in order to get next to celebrities to "expose" them is ridiculous and should not be overlooked when evaluating these "Me Too inspired" rape allegations.

The person "Kim" mentioned in the article how she knew what she was involving herself in, as all woman seem to agree on, yet the article should shed light on things that motivate some to spark these tell-all slanderous interviews.
The article also mentions contacting former employees, Trevian Kutti (former publicist) and Diana Copeland (former assistant), who both conclude they witnessed no abuse by Kelly.
Is it abuse for celebrities to regulate how people interact with them considering how their privacy is always violated and people are always scheming around them? Strange how the alleged hostages in this current story seemed to always have access to a their phone and parents despite the lies we have been told.

The reckoning is here and we will no longer accept the lies...

Many don't care about a situation if it doesn't directly affect them. Many don't see how a high profile celebrity case can affect everyday people.
It doesn't take a celebrity to stage the perfect money grab playing a victim, while real victims go unheard.

One victim is being silenced, the others' murder has been covered up.
50 Cent exposed the typical hotel scene for a celebrity, yet surprisingly it was so easy to convince the public of an imaginary cult and R Kelly brainwashes the women who are only with him for his status. Imagine how clear minded they would have been if R Kelly was just Robert.