Aaliyah's uncle Barry Hankerson is the monster: Lies, Extortion, Embezzlement, and Political connections

Over the years, many like to overlook certain topics when they mention the late Aaliyah. It's convenient to always throw her name out in connection with R Kelly in a negative light, though when she was alive she had nothing but good things to say about him. The topics people should find more interesting is her uncle, Barry Hankerson. Hankerson was once married to Gladys Knight and is the brother of Aaliyah's mother. If you look at the whole picture and not just bits and pieces that make some people look good, and others like monsters, the truth reveals the motive Barry Hankerson had in using his nieces name to mask his shady business.

Barry Hankerson has been accused of spreading false rumors about his ex and attempting to blow up her car, purchase a business his ex worked at just to fire her, and claim she had HIV. On top of his demons emerging from his personal life, it has become blatantly obvious that every artist this man has every worked with, has ended with the same fate of being cheated out of their royalties and left to pick up the tax bills from the IRS. With all the lawsuits and piling accusations against Hankerson, surprisingly some are so willing to accept his distorted stories about his former artist R Kelly without mentioning his motives in lying about his involvement in setting up the artist.

With all the things Hankerson has been allowed to get away with, one would have to ask, what type of connections does he have that keeps him shielded under the radar. Considering R Kelly is being charged with heading a criminal enterprise, it would appear the connections Hankerson holds keeps him from being mentioned though it is believed many of his shady business dealings are the cause of most of the artists problems. 

From being behind the fraudulent marriage of his niece to stealing the artists he managed money and publishing rights.

Many are unaware of the fact that Hankerson was once into politics in Michigan. It has been reported that Hankerson contributed greatly in the Obama Administration and even helped write a movie in support of his good friend, who happens to also be from Chicago.

To quickly summarize the loopholes many of these record labels use to get over on the artists signed to them, if you were to trace the three major labels today (Sony, Universal, and Warner), you will notice a pattern of labels merging with other labels and editing their names. Blackground was no different. It went from Blackground Enterprises to Blackground Records in 2000. The same year in which Hankerson was fired from managing R Kelly. Ask yourself, what man would continue working for a man who allegedly molested and married his underage niece? Is it really a coincidence an alleged XXX tape emerged following Hankersons' termination? 
Not only was Hankerson let go, but also being sued left and right for his shady business deals and cheating producers and others out of their agreed upon payouts. One producer in particular who worked with P Diddy sued Hankerson stating that he not only cheated him out of royalties but also left him with a 400k debt to the IRS. Is it far-fetched to think this was a common practice for Hankerson, which would explain a lot of the early IRS debts. 

It is becoming painfully clear how many are using this case against R Kelly for their own personal gains. The same artists that have been cheated by Hankerson have either spoken against Kelly or remain silent such as Tank, Timbaland, JoJo and Toni Braxton.

 The question is why? The common conclusion is the fact that blackmail and extortion is far too common in both the industry and politics. Artists are being pimped out like common prostitutes and as we saw with the Epstein case some powerful men have been supplied underage girls and blackmailed,  thus they think hiding behind rumors and allegations against someone else will keep their secrets in the dark. Negative!

Let's say it is a coincidence that Hankerson financed Obama's campaign multiple times and that he has the means to commission others to enable his plot to keep his shady dealings hidden while distracting people with the scandals he orchestrated about his artists (another common practice in the industry). Let's say its also a coincidence that even when Kelly faced his first trial, some key political figures where making backdoor deals for Epstein, who admitted his guilt.

Let's say its a coincidence that Senator Chuck Schumer who was caught making backdoor deals with Comcast (also partnered with Sony Records) and who recommended the current NY Judge Ann Donnelly in Kelly's case to then President Obama. 

It's no coincidence the pattern of this type of activity with Sony in specific. These record labels operate a "legit monopoly" and capitalizes from the death or destruction of the artists that have made them millions, yet die broke with a ruined reputation. 

Call it a conspiracy if you may, yet these strange connections are worth being investigated. Is it possible we are consistently being fed the same tragic ending for the artists they build so high, just to tear down. They claim R Kelly is a predator. It appears the real predators are these corporations that take advantage of these disadvantaged, create these unobtainable lifestyles, used these artists as puppets to influence the general public, only to fall victim to the systematic oppression many fail to realize they experience. These people knew R Kelly, for example, could not read or write, yet think about how many contracts he signed trusting those handling his business affairs to be acting in his best interest. It is even believed these payouts the media now likes to mention are more evidence of extortion, which those working with him would know considering most record labels make these settlements through insurance companies.

The fact remains, the real monster with a long trail of crimes is being overlooked. If R Kelly was an enterprise, the obvious person to include in investigating at this point would be Barry Hankerson and how he cheated all his artists and took part in clear embezzlement, which is classified in the RICO Act as well.