Former R Kelly employee Kash Howard questioned by the FEDS

After a video surfaced of R Kelly's stylist Kash Howard in a car, with women who were implicated in the sex trafficking allegations against the artist, she was contacted by the Department of Homeland Security to schedule a sit-down with her.
In the video, Howard was behind the wheel of a car with Kelly's ex-girlfriends, Halle Calhoun and Vonecia Andrews, as they talk to a media outlet about her their relationships with the artist. Vonecia could be seen crying through the video recorded.
Like many others, R Kelly opened the door for Howard's career, which seems to a bit odd considering how the artist is portrayed in the media.
 So many people relied on their connections made through Kelly, yet the narrative so many want to push is how everyone in the industry knew that he is such a predator.

Howard said she was only in the video mentioned because she was offering moral support to Halle and Vonecia. In fact, in a written statement Howard offered the following: "Mr. Kelly hired me as his personal fashion stylist where I provided wardrobe direction for concerts, album cover shoots, and special appearances. Our professional relationship along with all communication ceased in March of 2017."
Howard has been accused of booking some of the flights for the women accusing Kelly of sex trafficking- in specific Azriel Clary. Considering Kelly was touring and the posts during the time period by Clary, it would raise the question of how does this alleged trip prove Clary was with Kelly...

How would you feel if you awoke to rumors that you have molested a child in the midst of people trying every thing possible to draw media attention to allegations about your ex?
Just like it has been discovered with many others making claims against Kelly, the chances of them coming forward with their stories were slim to none before people took it upon themselves to "expose" them. It should raise the question.. If what they are saying is true, why aren't they being criminally charged as Kelly is considering alone he does not make up this enterprise mentioned in his indictment. Why is it okay to pull out the victim card if in fact what's being said about Kelly is true, that would make those speaking guilty as well?
Hypothetically speaking, if there is a video of all these women sharing their stories abusing children, shouldn't they be held accountable as well?
Maybe this will shed some light as to why the same women who once didn't not like one another can now try to clean up their images as Kelly awaits his trial. In the industry, we all know the stories of blackmail and extortion. Is it far fetched to believe these people we see coming forward have been intimidated into speaking out against Kelly privately as they put up fronts publicly?
According to information leading to this "leaked video", the reasoning behind it all is very suspicious considering she was also blasted as an alleged Madam for the alleged sex slaves being kept by Kelly. Though Howard tries hard to pass herself off as a caring and comforting servant, who's offering support to the alleged victims, many have stated she was actually operating as an accomplice of Kelly's for several years.
According to a source leaking information to bloggers, it was said: "she was one of many enablers who assisted Kelly in continuing his sex trafficking ring." They also implied Howard would be indicted along with Kelly.

After going public with Calhoun, we begin hearing about these allegations of a sex cult being led by The Savages and Jim Derogatis.
Red Flag:
The more these people began talking, the more it became clear they are not telling the full truth.
Considering the severity of the charges against Kelly, the slightest deception should signal people should look deeper into the stories being told.
The Savages began being deceptive about even their daughters age, knowing as an adult the police would not get involved.
They then began leaking information about alleged enablers.
Strange how some still remain nameless, while others have become alleged victims. Asante McGee Carson was allegedly fired in 2016. She then looked up the Savages and began to plant their stories in an effort to get others to speak out with them.

Despite the rumors that were spread about Calhoun, she has spoken on her relationship and has not publicly claimed to have been abused. The mere fact that both her and Vee were able to leave, contrary to the stories of being held hostage by Kelly, should have raised more questions- yet in this Me Too era the general public is expected to just believe every story being told with no burden of proof.

According to stories being told to bloggers, Calhoun was physically assaulted by Kelly; however, she has publicly denied being abused.

Calhoun's mother confirmed they have spoken to the investigators about their version of events. Since then Calhoun did appear in the Surviving R Kelly series and most recently was spotted with Azriel Clary.
The latest buzz about the ladies are they are shopping around reality series. In the industry, the way you move can make or break your career. Some know this fact and have opted to quietly participate in certain things, while still actively pursuing any position open available in the entertainment industry.
It's even been said there will be another Surviving R Kelly coming soon, which may explain other suspicious activities being displayed on social media.
If you took the time to check out Kelly's live performances, you will notice at times he invited fans on the stage with him. Something so common in the industry, which has now been criminalized as though the singer is doing this preying on his fans. After you research how these women made their way to Kelly, you will notice the pattern of people within Kelly's entourage that made meeting him possible. For some strange reason they aren't being named in this RICO indictment claiming R Kelly is running an enterprise.
Just a few questions... if R Kelly is allegedly passing STDs... why are people in the industry so willing to claim his ex girlfriends?
Considering this trend of women being "flewd out" and all the reality shows that encourage women to travel for love, doesn't it seem hypocritical to criminally charge one man and ignore everything else?
Considering many women have boasted about their rise to fame through their romantic affiliations with celebrities, and with shows like Love & Hip Hop, it could be real easy to include every celebrity in a Mann Act. Nowadays talent is far from important, it's all about who you know or what scandal you can bring to a reality show.
Isn't it questionable that an alleged Jane Doe listed in the indictment continued having a relationship with Kelly up until she saw a window of opportunity to milk her story and shop for that leading role.
And to think... this all started with a book...
Interestingly enough, it's not like the book that spawned the docu-series Surviving R Kelly is the first of it's kind...