Witnesses don't want to testify��

R Kelly and young girls alleged sexual abuse detailed

 The four stories detailed in the four-page bond proffer are a handful out of many accusations that have been levied against Kelly throughout his decades-long career as an entertainer. He was acquitted on child pornography charges in 2008, but the accusations against him have continued to mount.

Many people can overlook the fact that the prosecutor Kim Foxx was pressured into pursuing this case as a result of the public manipulation by Timothy Savage among others.

  • The Savages emerged on social media with wild allegations that R Kelly is messing around with his daughter yielding a baseball bat, threatening the singer.
  • With the help of a journalist by the name of Jim Derogatis, who has made a career writing slanderous articles about the singer over the course of 20 years, the Savages were given information on others to help spread their narratives. Interestingly enough said journalist would rather obstruct justice by participating in illegal activities, refuse to testify in court, but continue to spread his stories.

  • The first sign of manipulation is the fact they knew with the truth they wouldn't be able to enlist the police to target the singer, so they concocted this story of their daughter being held captive. 
  • They also began to throw other alleged victims names out, whom Derogatis kept in contact with.

  •   They along with others capitalized on the use of social media to push their narratives until they finally got the break through they desired holding a press conference at Kelly's old home.
  • It would appear that even though Prosecutor Foxx made a lot of questionable calls, no one would consider her possible misconduct in R Kelly's case as they did with Jussie Smollett.
  • No one questioned her secret meeting with now convicted extortionist, Michael Avenatti. 

  • No one mentioned the political factors that would influence her decision to pursue charges based on the allegations thrown around in a scripted series based from a book.
  • According to the proffer documents the alleged victims are:
  • Heather Williams:

  • Reshona Landfair:
  • Lanita Carter:

  • Jerhonda Pace:

  • Even a blind man can see this state case against R Kelly is weak. It is a fact these women concocted the necessary stories to receive the infamous settlements rumored to be easily obtained through members in Kellys' entourage for their own agendas.

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