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R Kelly fans protest his incarceration

While A handful of R Kelly fans continue to anticipate protests to shed light to the injustice the artist is enduring, it is strange that they don't see the flaws in their way of thinking. For the rest of the world on the outside looking in, it would appear one or two things.....
 Either they don't mind ignoring the allegations made against Kelly, or they are the perfect examples of the type of people that surrounded themselves around R Kelly.
In the following audio you can hear these "supporters" taunting known federal informant/Jane Doe Azriel Clary outside R Kelly's Chicago studio, yet are now playing dumb as to the things they are doing to make a mockery of the charges against R Kelly.
When you have career criminals leading the fans, the results give you a glimpse into the shady things people would do, on their own accord, that has led to R Kelly's current situation.... It's hard to believe anyone can be this ignorant unless they are doing these criminal deeds intentionally.
R Kelly has been locked up since July 2019 on multiple sex crime charges but that hasn't stopped his fans from standing by his side. After listening to the allegations directly from the accusers and reading the indictments, it's blatantly clear the charges against the artist are trumped up in an attempt to gain the conviction they failed to do with his first trial. We have heard so many different versions of the story, yet because we are in the midst of the Me Too agenda, many won't ask the real questions. If the allegations against this man are true, why wouldn't they have used all this information they now bring up in his first trial- which would have surely changed the perception of the jury. Instead they relied heavily on a suspicious deep fake tape that both the alleged victim and artist refuted being in.

Since this whole circus of a case began, there have been a variety of questionable characters popping up doing the most.
It's becoming more and more obvious how R Kelly could have found himself in the position he is in. When you are an artist of his magnitude, you are bound to have people envious of you and willing to sacrifice you for their own personal gain or to save themselves. It would appear many people surrounding themselves around the artist are responsible for much of what we have heard slandering his name. From disgruntled employees to former girlfriends with a vendetta, Kelly has had his hands full trying to manage his career while being extorted by so many people. Those entrusted to handle his business affairs clearly failed to do so and it would appear now his fans are being used to solidify the weak case against him.
 When you see people making these disturbing statements and leading "protests" only to turn right back around and continue harassing women via the internet, can you really not see how real this set up is? Would you take part in publicly making a mockery out of this case when the leaders of these ridiculous protests are trying to convince the people crazy enough to follow them to step up and take charges for the artist, when we all can see this man hasn't committed any crimes.

Accusations are not convictions. Every person has the right to a fair trial regardless how you feel.

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