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Why R Kelly was found not guilty: The right to a fair trial

The allegations against R Kelly have been widely accepted as facts based on people's belief that he allegedly married Aaliyah when she was 15. Unfortunately Aaliyah is no longer here to defend herself, but the facts surrounding these stories just don't add up. 

Imagine slowly but surely working your way back to the top, despite being plagued by a history of unfounded slanderous allegations led by your former disgruntled employees. 
It would appear from the beginning of Kelly's career up until now, each manager he had screwed him over. From Demetrius Smith stealing from him to a variation of UCC filings against him, Kelly has had his hands full dealing with living the celebrity life while dealing with ongoing betrayals.
It is clear Kelly didn't have many in his corner looking out for his best interest. From the outside looking in, he seemed to have been viewed as the golden goose.

His ex-wife, though she was around even when Aaliyah was making music with Kelly, would like us to believe she has clean hands in her story. 
Maybe in her mind, it would be more accepted to be a victim rather than an "enabler" as they like to call others who did exactly as they did- enjoyed the life until things didn't go in their favor.

Even his family was used to turn against him and make false allegations to slander his image.

Extortion in plain site

After a quick search, it would appear since the early 90s, people have been using shady business tactics to embezzle money from the artist.

Despite his short comings, Smith was allowed to began working for Kelly again after running off with money he won for a show.

The story tends to vary yet the outcome remains the same. A plan was concocted in which it was said R. Kelly must marry Aaliyah. According to Smith's original statements, it was Derrel McDavid who stated this had to happen.

It's unclear who "leaked" the fake certificate to vibe magazine or what really happened. It is obvious; however, the certificates presented as so called proof of the marriage are fraudulent.

Certification printed in Vibe Magazine.. (Fake)
Sample Real Chicago Certification

Following the scandal, Aaliyah's father began managing his daughter even though Hankerson is in complete control of her estate.
Strange how some cared about Aaliyah but only viewed her as a "property asset"..
It's very well possible someone threw Demetrius Smith under the bus for their own motives; however, Hankerson is very well known for mishandling his artists funds and shady business practices. 

One thing that is clear, Demetrius Smith was fired after the Aaliyah scandal in 1995. Smith was managing Tiffany Hawkins at the time, so it shouldn't be far fetched to believe the story she has relayed, has been about Smith not Kelly. It was Smith who started the whole rotation of supplying girls for disgraced attorney Susan Loggans to use to reach a settlement with R. Kelly's team.

Not only did Hawkins violate her alleged settlement agreement by participating in the Surviving R Kelly docu-series, she also recruited a new face in the story.

The alleged witnesses' story is just as suspect as the accusers, considering many have said Aaliyah always had her family around, so to believe someone saw her on Kelly's tour bus is very unlikely.

Strange that Hawkins was allowed to give this outdated story on Lifetime's national platform, but for them to wait until the very end to caption that the baby she spoke of wasn't R. Kelly's. No follow up questions, no explanation of how she could have been so devastated by this alleged relationship yet end up pregnant during the same time period is absolutely absurd.
Imagine being taken advantage of by the people you trust to take care of business for you, knowing that you have a learning disability. Unfortunately in the black communities, mental disabilities are often dismissed, while those suffering in silence try to maintain without asking for help. 

According to Demetrius Smith, he reached out to the record label to inform them he believed Kelly had a problem, even though he also states he never saw him act inappropriately with a minor. According to lyrics written by Kelly in the controversial song "I Admit", he states that he unknowingly signed away his publishing at the beginning of his career while expressing wanting ownership of his masters. Isn't it ironic how celebrities have this common issue and most end up in a tragic accident leaving the record labels to gain greatly. 

How does it make sense to feature a biased series full of unfounded allegations by questionable witnesses, while supporting a person with the same allegations.

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LisaHunt said...

Carey Kelly is a terrible rapper. He cannot accept that and blames Robert for not hooking him up, but there ain't nothing TO hook up. Even if Robert had tried to get him meetings- which would have shamed his name as a professional- nobody would have signed Carey. I also notice Carey has that "addict" mindset: look what YOU MADE me do. Maybe if Carey hadn't stolen from his brother, he'd have kept his job with him. I will give Carey some benefit of the doubt, or rather have some sympathy for him because of his childhood, but drugs/alcohol stopped him from emotionally maturing and instead of "blaming" the person who raped and molested him as a child for his issues, he chooses to blame his brother. I understand that though. I hope his alleged current stint in rehab will help him to heal spiritually and emotionally. It's not easy, but it can be done. Prayers to you Carey.

LisaHunt said...

I dont doubt that the marriage certificate is fake, but I wonder did you verify that with the county? I'm just curious.

Unknown said...

Its just to much to this story everybody was out for kellys money the so called victims the friends the family this is si cruel to treat and steal and hurt a person, just why was kelly a target when he has a good heart just why,god going to help kelly and be will be so glad when this is all over, we as fans love kelly and we want whats best for him..

Unknown said...

why are they bring up his frist wife shes not here to defend herself they need to leave kelly alone they been trying for years to bring this man down leave him alone let him go he did no dam wrong the ppl around him did wrong go get them and lock them up, this man didn't do all of this he want his master and Sony got mad and went to dig these folks up to lie on kelly, you know God dont like ugly the man was abuse got stolen from lie on cheated on and all,all they need to do is free kelly they hv nothing on this man

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