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The Rated R Show Presents: The Big Talk Cancel Culture

 As we see, the rise in canceling artists has taken a new shift in the industry against the Me Too movement. Often the male dominated field gives little to the imagination when it comes to exploiting women. Imagine if these women who once we're willing participates, realize they can now profit in being a victim. The ultimate money grab. 

From targeting celebrities to be the next Love and Hip Hop cast member to being scorned things didn't work in their favor.

Imagine... All it takes is a book or magazine article to initiate a criminal investigation in today's era...

No police reports.. Just fabricated stories with one common goal.....

This is hypocrisy at it's finest. Majority of all celebrities are plagued by rumors and even some allegations, yet when did it become necessary to publicly convict people and rob them of their due process rights in the court of law?

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