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The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne calls for petty party in R. Kellys mentions Karma returned

 During Angela Yee's Rumor Report, when discussing these accusations Charlamagne said that we should just cancel R.Kelly - stop talking about him, stop reporting on him, and stop supporting him in concert. He then called for a "Petty Party" in his mentions and to drop the hashtag #PP14 in the comments on Twitter and Instagram.  

"Can we just drop R. Kelly from life? Why don't we collectively mute R. Kelly," Charlamagne asked during this morning's broadcast. "Everyone unfollow R. Kelly, why do we have to have R. Kelly in our collective consciousness," he continued. 

"We're having a 'Petty Party' in R. Kelly's mentions. Go hashtag #PP14. Don't ask me why, you should know," Charlamange said on Breakfast Club's Instagram.  The hypocritical views these characters spout out on their platforms is hilarious considering their pasts can equally be mentioned. Check out the video below:

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