R. Kelly & Diddy: Hypocrisy in the Black Community


For some strange reason some people are willing to allow their children to be groomed for the industry. On that note the lifestyles they live can not be judged by normal standards when this is openly allowed. 

Children have been exploited for profit for so long, you have to stop and question the motives when you see propaganda being heavily used. Isn't it odd R. Kelly has been labeled a predator when its obvious each person making these claims desperately sought him out. 

Not to mention blatant deceptions, such as having fake IDs to align themselves with his entourage, only indicates the possibility the NDAs they speak of applied to his crew as well, which would give them grounds to take civil actions. The problem is when clout chasing and extortion goes wrong, these celebrities find themselves being an open target.

What's interesting is how all the stories publicized by mainstream media, few have raised the questions on most peoples mind. It's no secret how artists are often pinned against one another through the media. Would it be far fetched to compare the recent conversations of the new King of R&B with how the industry has allowed feminist terrorists to try to silence a legend, while provoking these topics for the public.

It would be naive to listen to the narratives about R. Kelly and not recognize the biggest flaws in things being said is that it could apply to any artist. 

What happens when the allegations made on social media are exposed as lies in a real court proceeding? What happens when you realize the media is deliberately misleading you and covering up other crimes.

Why is the black community always quick to bash their own people to further other people's agendas?

Stay tuned...