FRAUD R. Kelly accuser on singer's trial for allegedly running a "criminal enterprise"

Asante Carson McGee allegedly lived with the singer in 2016 and alleges she and other women there experienced severe abuse. Here's the things the media won't show you...

Carson has a very lengthy background of fraud and stalking, and even a discharge from the services.
She also has ample motive to embellish a whole story to cover up the biggest scam in plain sight.


Despite taking on the role of a victim, Carson had a very active come up being within Kelly's entourage. 

No one ever questions the character of these people making allegations nor their roles in the fabricated stories they tell.

It is believed Carson contacted these parents and family of the singer's last girlfriends but didn't contact authorities, then proceeded to help them plant ongoing narratives using social media, blogs and the media. 

It is also believed Carson was a mere employee; therefore, if there was validity in her claims she has only implicated herself in alleged crimes, yet as a "victim" gets to be given immunity from the same public scrutiny as R. Kelly.

Seems like it is Asante McGee Carson who needs to take the lie detector..