Witnesses don't want to testify��

Source close to R. Kelly plants SNITCH stories to incite attacks


Just when you thought things couldn't get any more weird, sources couldn't show up to testify for R. Kelly but as usual they have plenty of time to "leak" information to the press. According to a source, Kelly who was recently convicted of running an alleged criminal enterprise, plans to snitch on other entertainers for a reduced sentence. Quick question... if you were going to snitch as they said... why would you have refused to take a plea deal when offered a mere 3 year deal without having to "snitch"... Better yet why would you snitch when as you have witnessed in Cosby's case... the tactics used to guarantee these temporary convictions will eventually be overturned thanks to Me Too. Those following the R. Kelly case have witnessed quite a few INFORMANTS, nonetheless...

 Feeding into a one-sided narrative and overlooking the obvious corruption surrounding this case will only continue to make the corporations flourish at the midst of cultural damage among other things. Believe it or not... the industry has been infiltrated by informants for a long time.. Question Everything!!

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Unknown said...

Great commentary as always. The real question is: "What is Kellz supposed to know in order to snitch?" According to former associates and friends, Kellz did not associate with people from the industry. He lived in Chicago and never left. There have been interviews given where people say repeatedly that Kellz worked constantly in the studio and was somewhat antisocial where industry people were concerned. So what does he have to talk to the feds about?

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