R. Kelly Associate Sentenced To 8 Years


Michael Williams pleaded guilty to an arson charge after setting Azriel Clary's car on fire.

The media won't tell you this man, who clearly does not know R. Kelly, had his own motives in acting on his own behalf, yet the government would like you to believe this type of behavior was carried out to silence alleged victims of the singer.

Who is Michael Williams??

Can you believe a book sparked so much chaos...

Many of the individuals involved in this federal investigation against R. Kelly took to social media to carry out so much in plain sight... The same woman who wrote the book, 'Sex Me', involved herself deeply with those making public accusations to the point that her cousin involved himself in a conflict with The Clary's. As a result, this pattern of behavior is being used to give this illusion Kelly is behind the shenanigans. Does that make it true? Is this really the purpose of a RICO enterprise for a group of random people to be a person's downfall. Accountability goes so far when people can act on their own accord and point the finger at the next.