The R. Kelly Youtube Criminal Conspiracy


Mainstream media would like to continue to ignore the obvious corruption of the R. Kelly case, which played out via the internet. The problem is.... some of us will not let them sweep under the rug the facts some would like to distract you from.

So let's take a few steps back to explore how the black community allowed rumors and allegations to transfer from a book to an indictment targeting Robert Kelly AKA "R. Kelly".

Imagine watching the same woman who spawned the inspiration behind the Surviving R Kelly series expose how individuals using social media platforms were able to manipulate even the origins to R. Kelly's initial whoas. It became blatantly obvious individuals at odds with each other blatantly broke the law in order to conceal their criminal actions as the United States government presented it's case these individuals were acting on behalf of R. Kelly. A claim in itself that shows the levels these officials were willing to go to violate the Civil rights of an American Icon publicly.

The biggest red flag was watching alleged evidence being systematically posted on social media before the alleged official investigation was launched.  Anyone with basic common sense would question the chain of custody of any and all evidence, which was ignored by Mainstream media. 

However let's take it even a step further. Let's explore the origins of the initial allegations R&B superstar R. KELLY was holding hostages in a cult.
The parents of Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary went from gloating of a potential working relationship, to being fueled by outside voices to speak out publicly. No one ever questions why is it okay if the allegations are true, for those fueling the parents be immune from the same persecution being directed at R. Kelly.

Logically speaking, in order to believe R. Kelly held these women captive, you would have to realize the obvious.. who is in charge as he tours, travels. Etc. The managers, assistants, BUS drivers, girlfriends assistants, stylists, etc can not be overlooked as the DA used past stories to make themselves appear credible. That is until you looked into their true motives and how they have maneuvered through these platforms exposing themselves.

Though the government presented the notion R. Kelly targeted underage girls, even the parents exposed the flaw in that as they clearly came out saying, "technically he's making sure they are of legal age now"... sooooo the black community is fine with fabricating the allegations to allow these personal conflicts be used to manipulate the law in plain sight? To top that off, they found comfort manipulating an accuser who can be visibly seen stalking his first trial as she implicates herself in fraud.
Following the SRK release, there was a rise in visibility for these individuals profiles. Unbeknownst to them, that would be their downfall as they could not help themselves from posting so much about their stories that made their motives and agendas very clear.  At this point, even I had to ask... if I can see all this information and put it together- how can anyone take these allegations serious when compared to other cases and the lack of concrete evidence to back up these witness testimonies.
The primary Jane Doe used to facilitate the first case in Chicago, "JP", has been on record stating she was in a relationship with a guy named Bubba, which lead me down the path to how this girl was allegedly solicited thru MySpace. The fact the government did not bring charges against him as well, signaled to me to dig a bit deeper. On that quest, I was able to unlock the real pattern of EXTORTION that surrounded R. KELLY'S career. Now some will justify why they don't see a problem with this crime in itself, it's obvious why many are waking up to this witch hunt initiated by those scorned by past relationsips/encounters.

The obvious problem in which most with common sense would have after following the trail of FRAUD... how did this Chicago State case morph into a federal New York case and miss so many key players that could come close to a RICO enterprise.

Even more, isn't it odd that the key attorney responsible for many payouts was murdered in a hit and run months prior to the trial and still has not been solved. 

To top that off, as the media stuck to their narratives to violate this man's right to be presumed innocent,  many individuals using social media platforms revealed the actions going on unreported that would give you ample reason to DOUBT R. Kelly was lawfully convicted of crimes he committed when in fact their is more evidence to suggest quite the opposite. Even the fabricated stories exploiting the late Aaliyah can easily be challenged as the actual charge was bribery, to which R. Kelly was not connect to said illegal activities.

Stay tuned for more breakdowns of the corruption of the R. Kelly Case.