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Marketing Solutions

Plan Global. Execute Local. Bring Your Strategic Vision to Life.

Prima Donna Productions LLC first infiltrates local areas by dominating its market, through the use of ambient marketing, social media, direct mail, direct contact, and planning social events. Prima Donna Productions LLC has the upper advantage in the marketing and advertising field, because besides television and radio advertising (which can be very expensive), targeted areas don't have access to cost efficient services and effective promotion.

Prima Donna Productions gives clients the freedom and power to implement the marketing system needed to execute their strategic vision; as well as, brings together global and local teams inside a collaborative, cross-channel for social, email, events, and media to make marketing more effective.

Model Shanissa DBA Prima Donna Productions LLC

What can Prima Donna Productions LLC do for your brand/company?*

Prima Donna Productions guarantees over 10,000 potential consumer views for clients brand/product daily, through the use of web and social media ambient marketing.

Global Consistency and Local Message Personalization, All in One Platform

Prima Donna Productions LLC also implements other non-traditional methods in marketing brands based on their own goals. Distributing flyers and other promotional devices via direct mail & contact is another greatly and effectively used tactic.

Included in our pricing:
  • Multiple days of planning and preparation
  • Flexible marketing options
  • Cost and preparation of SEO traffic & google campaigns      (IF APPLICABLE)  

Not included:
  •  On-Site marketing / Promotions
  • Travel & Expenses
  • additional requests

Re: Marketing Solutions & Promotions

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