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Prima Donna Pastries

A Prima Donna Pastries display is truly a work of art that will WOW your guests!  We provide everything you need to create the perfect dessert table for your event.
  • Custom desserts to match any theme/color scheme
  • Display item, table cloth, and back drop rentals
  • Custom signs, tags, and labels to match
  • Delivery and set up

Specialty Cake: Strawberry Shortcake Cake Pop w/
REAL strawberries

Cake Pop Waffle Bowls

Custom Prima Donna Cupcakes:
(Red Velvet Creme, Strawberry Lemonade, Triple Chocolate Carmel Filled)

Triple Chocolate Creme Cake Bites


We ask that large orders be placed at least 7 days ahead of time.

Dessert Tables
There are so many little details that go into a dessert table, and as well, how much it will cost. For example, when is your event? Where is your event? Will the venue have air conditioning? What is your theme? How many guests? Etc.
The prices below are a jumping off point for us to begin working towards your vision for your perfect dessert and sweet table. Take a look at the choices and add ons, and let’s talk. Whether it’s preparing a special family recipe, or hearing about your favourites and working it into your theme, let’s make your dream come true!
($50 surcharge for tables under 50 guests)
Basic dessert table
Will include a total of 4 different products making up the table (Starting from $5 per person, with 2 choices per guest; 50 guest minimum)

Plus dessert table
Will include a total of 6 different products making up the table (Starting from $7 per person, with 3 choices per guest, 50 guest minimum)
Premium dessert table
Will include a total of 8 different products making up the table (Starting from $9 per person, with 4 choices per guest, 50 guest minimum)

Full Cakes
Price will vary with the addition of decorations, fillings, and/or multiple flavors. The pricing below includes basic piping and decoration.
6" (Serves 8-10) -- $35

8" (Serves 10-15) -- $45

10" (Serves 25-30) -- $65

12" (Serves 35-45) -- $85

14" (Serves 50-75) -- $135

Half Dozen -- $15

Dozen -- $25

Mini cupcakes also available.

Other Desserts
Desserts must be ordered by the dozen. Dessert prices start at the values listed below.
Decorative Cookies -- $20

Brownies/Bars -- $24

Cake Pops -- $25

Waffle Bowl Cake Pops -- $30

Pies -- $20 (Serves 8-10)

Mini Cheesecakes -- $15

Cheesecake -- $30 (Serves 12)

Accepting Donations:
Paypal Account: primadonnaent@yahoo.com

Prima Donna Productions LLC executes a series of fundraising events, with the high hopes of moving forward in establishing A Taste Of Heaven.

A Taste Of Heaven has a goal of launching its' own food truck services open to the general public, offering a variety of ready meals and desserts. It is also the hopes of A Taste Of Heaven to become a leading social service resource designed to assist local residents, by providing fully cooked meals and food services through its "Sponsor A Family" Program.

Food / Catering Services:

A Taste Of Heaven services any event with pre-requested meals both homestyle and banquet style.

Sample Banquet Style Menu:

Food Truck Menu:

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of A Taste Of Heaven to provide the general public with a more convenient way to provide great quality food, matched with great consumer services.

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