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Critics Go After #MeToo Soldier Tarana Burke For Protecting Joe Biden And Powerful White Men

Just when Tarana Burke thought she was doing something.... She is now being critized for her views on the Joe Biden allegations. Oh, but no one comprehended they are now repeating the same things we said when she targeted R Kelly....

They know the issue they speak on is a real issue, yet they always protect certain people while targeting their own as a distraction.

The me too movement took on the mission to deprive R Kelly of his right to maintaining his livelihood.

Although Kelly has not been convicted of any crime, this organization took part in ensuring to disrupt his income and convict him in the court of public opinion. By tactfully creating a public outrage towards Kelly, the me too movement successfully initiated protests leading to shows being cancelled. Organizers then began demanding Kelly's record label drop him. According to this terroristic group, Kelly should not be allowed to earn a living due to rumors that he used funds from his career to abuse women.
In the history of entertainment and throughout many scandalous headlines about the industry, no other artist has faced such defamation. The burden of proof lies in any accuser of R Kelly to handle in the courts, yet these women have been allowed to taint possible jurors for their own personal gain.
 Not one accuser against R Kelly has a credible story. Even after going on national TV trying to solicit victims and even establishing a hotline for tips, the only victims the prosecutor Kim Foxx was able to come up with are those that have previously tried to extort money from R Kelly.
Would you have been so quick to say mute R Kelly if you knew the whole case against him is corrupt. From the prosecutors, to the judge, to the attorneys and evidence provided.

Leading attorney arrested for federal extortion and fraud...

The other attorney representing multiple accusers, Gloria Allred should also be investigated for her intentional misconduct.

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