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R Kelly's timeline of alleged abuse


For decades, R Kelly has been the center of several allegations of alleged abuse, all of which he has denied. On the evening of July 11, 2019, Kelly was arrested in Chicago on sex trafficking charges, including child pornography and obstruction of justice.

Here is a timeline of the singers' allegations of abuse and scandals.
1991: Tiffany "Tia" Hawkins "Patient Zero"
Tiffany claims she had a relationship with R Kelly from 1991-1994. According to her lawsuit in 1996, she sued Kelly for personal injuries and emotional distress. No mentions of being underage. Ironically it took a fraudulent marriage certificate to surface before she realized she was a victim. According to articles Kelly disputed having a relationship with her and demanded a DNA for the child she was claiming was his. Strangely though she has been given the platform to share her story, it wasn't made clear this child she had wasn't Kellys'.
They also never mentioned the fact the former disgruntled manager, Demetrius Smith is the person who assisted Hawkins in receiving a payment for her alleged abuse.
This same manager admitted to informing the record label Kelly was signed to of his alleged problem, though he claims he never saw any inappropriate actions with any minors.
Kelly releases "Born into the 90s".

1993: Summer Bunnies
The biggest issue many have with the stories of some is the fact that so many people are not being named, some are now claiming to be victims when they in fact participated in the activities being discussed, and others acting as witnesses all maintain they never saw him with underage girls and/or had a role in stealing money from the artist.
Another issue is the fact none of these accusers filed police reports. Hawkins expects the public to believe she attempted to make a report and was turned away. Considering how big named celebrities and public figures were being targeted in that time frame, I find that story hard to believe. 
1994-1995: Aaliyah (denied until death)
Aaliyah's family have always maintained they were always around with the late singer should put some rumors to rest; however, just to make their point- some refuse to let her rest in peace.

The same manager, Demetrius Smith, also admitted his role in the fraudulent marriage certificate and the fact then accountant Derrel McDavid advised him on Kelly "marrying" Aaliyah.
People have claimed being at this alleged marriage ceremony, yet no one was ever held accountable considering they want the public to believe this was a real marriage and not a publicity stunt.
Strange these same individuals still run in the same circles and are not being held accountable for their roles in alleged illegal activities.

Call me crazy but one document they claim to be a copy of the marriage certificate looks more like  certification of birth...

So the general public should just ignore the many times Aaliyah and her family denied the rumors, and even seeing her dancing to R Kelly's music...

Even more crazy is the rumor that Aaliyah has a secret child that no one has ever seen. Even fans entertained the notion creating a whole story line for this imaginary child.

1996: Andrea Kelly "Momma Bear"
It is no secret R Kelly loves women, so you can't ignore the fact that these women that sought after the artist were willing to do whatever it took to get his attention.
Even more so you can conclude the statements they have made implicating themselves in activities no being labeled abusive makes it clear they have motives to give deceptive stories.
1996: Lizzette Martinez
According to Martinez's attorney, Gloria Allred, she does not have a criminal case- yet is hopeful for a future civil case. 

1997-1999: UCC Filings

1998: Lisa Van Allen & Adelina Prado

Lisa Van Allen has a child by a person who used to appear in videos featuring Kelly and is now affiliated with a cult by the name of Nuwaubian Nation.
After the questionable testimony given by Van Allen, Pryor wasn't needed to discredit her testimony.
Considering the "star witness" is not credible and also took part in the illegal actions seeking payment for this alleged tape, not to mention the smallest lie of denying her marriage, can anyone take her testimony serious?
Considering her fiance stated that he made sure Van Allen wasn't in the tape, he also admits taking a role in the alleged sex tape and its editing.
Although these ladies would like to now claim to have been a minor, their age and DOB seems to contradict that story.

The Paytons: (Eric, Valerie, & Andrea)
The Paytons have been implicated in allegedly participating in sex trafficking activities during this time period as well as allowing their daughter to "train" the accusers.

1998-1999: Sex tape Scandal
It is common knowledge that R Kelly often used body doubles and multiple people could look like Kelly especially in a blurry video.
People clearly tried to get money out of the alleged tape before "leaking it" to the media.
2000-2004: Relocation to Florida

2002 Settlements:
Though Kelly was facing charges for the alleged tape, rather than pursue justice multiple women emerged with claims of abuse looking for money.
2003-2005: Lanita Carter & Precious Way
Lanita Carter is yet another person who did not file a report, supported Kelly throughout his trial then magically realized she was a victim 5 years after the fact. The fact that career settlement broker Susan Loggans refused to take her case, says enough in itself.
Though Precious Way has a celebrity cousin, she was allegedly victimized chasing her dreams working with Kelly. She has yet to speak out against the singer, yet others have implicated that she is a victim.

2007: Maxine Daniels

Though Maxine was an adult, her parents had a problem with her relationship and where implicated in knowing Van Allen's role with the alleged sex tape and minor.

2008 Trial:
Although there are clear signs of extortion, the narrative now is that Kelly obstructed justice.

Questionable testimonies:
Though there are now allegations that should have been uncovered during the first trial, for some strange reason we should just believe this alone shouldn't raise red flags.


Does this seem like the actions of a 15 year old, who claims to have been homosexual at the time she met Kelly?
He looks really aroused, huh?
Looks as though she wanted to give herself an older appearance...
If a close friend, the reporters, court officials and others were fooled into believing this girl was adult, how can R Kelly be held accountable for her deception. 
Although articles first described Pace's story as though Kelly was unaware she was a minor, clearly the new narrative is to keep pushing the underage theme in order to keep the public outrage towards the artist.
It would appear that not only is the person Pace claims reached out to her is not being held accountable, neither is she as it seems she also did some "recruiting".

Now for someone to be such a predator, I am finding it hard to believe many haven't questioned the age gaps between the accusers as well as the time span in which the singer was out of sight out of mind to say the least. In 2013 former manager Derrel McDavid parted ways and then hit him with a lawsuit for $1 million. From the beginning of Kelly's career up until this point, there seemed to have been so many shady business practices and lawsuits along the way- yet clearly Kelly never managed his own money. 2015 Pace reemerged wanting more money saying payments had stopped and that seemed to have been the beginning of a new cycle.
Are we to believe the parents missed the transformation of their daughter's appearance and public social media posts considering someone had access to her accounts in her absence.
It all took the right sequence of events to take place to cover up the real agendas at play.
From involving the individuals in past scandals to recruiting new individuals to keep the stories going.. At least until some began crossing the bloggers they once fed stories to.
Everyone pushing the same rehearsed stories that triggered so many who have suffered abuse, began to reach out to all those who have been reported on by Derogatis as well as started implicating so many to the point that either they would have to be a "whisleblower", "victim", or "enabler".
After gaining some attention on social media, parents set forth a plan to seek the fame they craved from the beginning. All of these individuals not only began speaking "their truth" but also bullied others into falling in line.
 Then comes the ultimate slap in the face... 

the alleged accusers began to expose each other, the stories they told began to fall apart, and slowly but surely people are realizing they have been deceived.

Despite the fact that there are so many ways to promote yourself via social media and other ways to network, many people will still rely on using the next person for their own common- good or bad. These people may claim they don't know each other but its clear a many "relationships" were overlapping and one would be naive to think this wouldn't be motivation for any legal aged woman to become jealous and spiteful.
There are a few more accusers to explore yet their stories all seem the same as laid out in previous posts and videos Subscribe Here. These girls that spin the narrative that no one cares about black girls are not the real issue, but more like simple smoke screens. It would seem majority of the girls that claim to have been victims were more likely involved with people within the entourage, who have remained nameless. The full focus has been on R Kelly, the alleged Gatekeeper/Master Manipulator.. What if the truth is it is Kelly who has been manipulated all these years, but now the truth will finally be revealed. If what they say is so true... Why alter alleged evidence?

Stay tuned.....

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