Witnesses don't want to testify��

R Kelly and young girls alleged sexual abuse detailed

 The four stories detailed in the four-page bond proffer are a handful out of many accusations that have been levied against Kelly throughout his decades-long career as an entertainer. He was acquitted on child pornography charges in 2008, but the accusations against him have continued to mount.

Many people can overlook the fact that the prosecutor Kim Foxx was pressured into pursuing this case as a result of the public manipulation by Timothy Savage among others.

  • The Savages emerged on social media with wild allegations that R Kelly is messing around with his daughter yielding a baseball bat, threatening the singer.
  • With the help of a journalist by the name of Jim Derogatis, who has made a career writing slanderous articles about the singer over the course of 20 years, the Savages were given information on others to help spread their narratives. Interestingly enough said journalist would rather obstruct justice by participating in illegal activities, refuse to testify in court, but continue to spread his stories.

  • The first sign of manipulation is the fact they knew with the truth they wouldn't be able to enlist the police to target the singer, so they concocted this story of their daughter being held captive. 
  • They also began to throw other alleged victims names out, whom Derogatis kept in contact with.

  •   They along with others capitalized on the use of social media to push their narratives until they finally got the break through they desired holding a press conference at Kelly's old home.
  • It would appear that even though Prosecutor Foxx made a lot of questionable calls, no one would consider her possible misconduct in R Kelly's case as they did with Jussie Smollett.
  • No one questioned her secret meeting with now convicted extortionist, Michael Avenatti. 

  • No one mentioned the political factors that would influence her decision to pursue charges based on the allegations thrown around in a scripted series based from a book.
  • According to the proffer documents the alleged victims are:
  • Heather Williams:

  • Reshona Landfair:
  • Lanita Carter:

  • Jerhonda Pace:

  • Even a blind man can see this state case against R Kelly is weak. It is a fact these women concocted the necessary stories to receive the infamous settlements rumored to be easily obtained through members in Kellys' entourage for their own agendas.

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Federal judge in Brooklyn will allow anonymous jury if R. Kelly goes to trial

The R&B singer's lawyers say they're "shocked" by the judge's decision, noting that anonymous juries are usually only called for "in the most extreme circumstances."

Many have failed to recognize the severity of the things occurring that is directly affecting the ongoing trial against the singer. Granted it is obvious the overkill of propaganda that is clouding this case has so many emotional and out of touch with reality; however, certain things taking place makes it appear people acting on R Kelly's behalf are intentionally trying to keep the singer behind bars.
A federal judge in Brooklyn agreed Thursday to keep jurors anonymous and "partially sequestered".

U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly granted the request originally made by prosecutors back in July. Her decision was announced in a docket entry in Kelly's case, though the order itself appeared to be sealed. 
Kelly also faces federal charges in Chicago, but it appears likely he'll go to trial first on a racketeering indictment in Brooklyn. In July, prosecutors out east told the judge the evidence in their case could lead jurors to believe Kelly is "capable of inflicting violence."

They pointed to the anticipated media coverage of the trial, as well as allegations that Kelly obstructed justice in his 2008 trial in Cook County. Michael Leonard, Kelly's attorney, said the singer's legal team was "shocked" by the judge's decision. "We're really surprised that the judge would order such extreme measures for somebody like Kelly, who has no criminal history or knowledge of the individuals allegedly intimidating witnesses."

R Kelly is clearly being punished for the actions of career criminals and majority of the things they consider to be witness intimidation has been incited by people masquerading as his entourage and supporters.

If you have been harassed/ cyber bullied or slandered by the ring leader of his fanatical "Enterprise" clan, you can report his actions to local police and/or detective Mitchem in Bolingbrook, Chicago. He does not represent anyone except his own demonic behaviors.

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Surviving R Kelly participant identified R Kelly in infamous tape


Considering some of the misleading statements that have been said on public platforms, you must now question the motives driving some of the people now speaking about the charges against R Kelly.

If you go back to the first trial in 2008 against R. Kelly you would recognize a familiar name. Lindsey Perryman is a former employee, who testified against R Kelly. According to them, they were contacted by Kelly in 2016 to help repair his image and they also appeared in Surviving R Kelly. According to them, they took to Youtube because noone would listen to them unless they were bashing R Kelly; therefore, you can imagine they gained instant support from Kelly's fans.
As time progressed conflicting information began to emerge. People connected to those speaking out in defense of Kelly began to have public fall-outs and just like that, the people supporting the artist lost focus on the important issues. People began engaging in public online harassment, bullying and even participated in witness intimidation tactics.
It is believed the supporters have been infiltrated by those determined to keep the artist behind bars. The question is who is really supporting R Kelly?

Many people have posed the question, "What kind of woman can still support R Kelly after watching Surviving R Kelly". It's very ironic how those people are confused by the fact that in America, every person has the right to a fair trial when it comes to criminal allegations. Unfortunately, many have already convicted the artist without first considering the facts that override mere rumors and allegations made with no burden of proof. Just like with the first trial, with all the extensive media coverage and slanderous blogging, it poses challenges with the defense and the hopes of R Kelly receiving a fair trial.

Especially when you have corrupt attorneys using the media as leverage to further taint the case, leaving any evidence mentioned questionable.
It also should raise questions to the political agendas we see being carried out using the infamous press conferences routine to perpetuate propaganda. Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx and Senator Kamala Harris have both shown they can not be trusted and it wouldn't be hard to believe they are committed to fulfilling their political agendas. Below you will find ample red flags surrounding this case regardless of how you feel about R Kelly as an individual.

Corrupt Prosecutor

Prosecutor Kim Foxx, who is currently under investigation for corruption should be investigated for maliciously prosecuting this case, soliciting alleged victims, and conspiring with convicted extortionist Michael Avenatti in secret meetings to conceal suspect evidence.

It should be no surprise that Tina Tchen is a big advocate for the Times Up movement, who was implicated in Foxx's role in dropping the charges in the Jussie Smollet case while aggressively pursuing R Kelly.

Criminal Attorneys/ 

Questionable Evidence

Is evidence even still admissible in court after being passed around to multiple people and shown to CNN broadcasters?

How can you take any of the allegations serious led by a convicted extortionist using witnesses who can't even keep their stories straight.

For all we know Avenatti could have used Jerhonda as the alleged victim in the video to present to Kim Foxx considering the misleading posts that emerged via social media.

Why are these attorneys allowed to publicly extort high profile individuals through the use of press conferences-which denies those being accused of their due process in the assumption of innocence in a court of law.

Questionable political


Can we ignore the favors and private donations that would signal misconduct in any regular case?

Biased Judge

These factors alone would usually end in a mistrial or dismissal, yet only time will tell how this case will go.

It doesn't take a genius to recognize, if R Kelly were a regular average Joe, all these factors would be grounds to drop these charges against him. Guess when you are branded as the King of R&B it is necessary to knock you down, your people turn a blind eye. Keep this in mind...
Allegations are NOT FACTS!

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